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Tell Me
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Yet another play that is rather "out there."

(This play is based around the behaviour that people show due to appearances and actions. One female and one male who are about the same age group are needed.)


Leigh: (Dressed as if she was taken right off the street.) Whats going on?

Jack: (Wearing socks, a t-shirt and boxers, looking dirty, like he hasnt washed in a couple months. He is also wearing a blindfold.) I want to learn everything about you.

Leigh: (Startled.) Who are you?

Jack: The question is, who are you? (Moves towards what she thinks is her, but he is really going toward a chair.)

Leigh: I want out of here.

Jack: I want to learn about you. (Sits in chair placed stage center.) Tell me about yourself.

Leigh: (Looking with squinted eyes at the dirt on his skin and clothing.) Why did you bring me here?

Jack: I want to learn about you. Tell me about yourself.

Leigh: Look, I have a boyfriend, and if he ever learns about you kidnapping me and bringing me here, hell-

Jack: Thats a start, I know that you have had human contact before, but I am more interested in knowing about you instead of the people around you.

Leigh: You are the only person around me right now, and Im sure you know plenty about yourself, so why do you need to know about me?

Jack: How can I know anything about myself without knowing about other people. (A Pause.) Please, tell me about yourself. You can start with your name, that will do fine. Then your age, if you wish. Starting out small is usually the easiest thing to do.

Leigh: Why are you doing this? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

Jack: Deserve what?

Leigh: What did I do to deserve being taken by someone I dont know who insists that I tell him about myself?

Jack: Sounds a lot like a date. (A Pause.) Perhaps you deserve it because you are intelligent, or beautiful, or it was chance. I sure dont know, because I dont even know your name. I dont know if you are intelligent or beautiful. I cant see you. If someone asked me about you, I would not be able to tell them anything, because you have not told me anything. It is as simple as that.

Leigh: How do I get out of here?

Jack: How am I to know? I cant see a thing.

Leigh: (Moving to slightly down stage of him.) Then take off your blind fold.

Jack: (Struggling to take off the blind fold.) It will not do any good.

Leigh: Why is that?

Jack: (Finishes.) Im blind.

Leigh: (Takes a step towards him.) No wonder you are so roughed up. Here, let me try to get some of that dirt off you. (Takes the blind fold, wets it with tongue and rubs his face.)

Jack: Well, I suppose if people asked about you, I could tell them that you are kind.

Leigh: Leigh. My name is Leigh.

Jack: Hello Leigh.

Leigh: Im _____ years old, _______ lbs, _________ tall, with _______ hair and ______ eyes. (Actor must fill in own physical description, only different, putting in the values they wish they had instead of actually having. This should be done with actor demonstration of mentally fixing her appearance.)

Jack: Pleased to meet you.

Leigh: (Jack sits through the entire speech, just listening.) What else can I tell you about myself? Im an only child, and my parents are divorced. I live with my mom, but she can be so irritating at times. My favourite colour is blue; I love pizza; I am a vegetarian. My favourite class in school is mathematics. I find the equations exciting. People think Im crazy because of it, but you cant help who you are in personality. There was a boy I once knew who thought I was really crazy. I had such a crush on him too, and he didnt even know. No one knew, I wouldnt tell a soul. I tried to smoke once, you know, to fit in, but I didnt like it, it made my lungs ache. I still kind of crave that day though, not the smoking part, but the part when I was with people and they actually gave me their full attention. No one ever does that for me. (Looks at him. Just realises that he is doing exactly what she said no one does.) I lied about having a boyfriend. Ive actually never had one. No one really pays attention to me at school, or even outside of it, except that one time. (Looks at herself.) I even lied about what I look like. Im really

Jack: (Names Leighs actual physical description.)

Leigh: (Looks at him.) How did you know that?

Jack: I lied too, Im not actually blind.

Leigh: So you have been watching me this whole time? What are you, some kind of weirdo pervert?

Jack: Why did you like me more when I was blind? You told me things you said yourself that you had never told. That is a more valid question. Or were those things even the truth. You lied about what you look like.

Leigh: I didnt lie, I just... bettered the truth.

Jack: Why isnt the truth good enough for you?

Leigh: (Thinking.) Why am I the only one telling about myself. What about you?

Jack: Why do you want to know about me all of a sudden?

Leigh: I dont think I got an answer when I asked that question of you.

Jack: Im sorry. You caught me by surprise. You are the first to ask me about myself, besides, Who are you and why are you doing this to me?

Leigh: You are the first person to ask me about myself too. (Thinks.) Youve had other girls here, asking them about themselves?

Jack: Yes.

Leigh: What happened to them?

Jack: They decided that I was far too unusual to talk to and eventually were let out, to try to forget about me.

Leigh: Will I be let out?

Jack: I doubt you want to stay. No one ever does. They want to get rid of me as fast as they can.

Leigh: Why?

Jack: They never get to know me. If they did, I wonder if they would think I was a good guy or not.

Leigh: What if I wanted to get to know you?

Jack: Then you wouldnt have to be let out so early I suppose.

Leigh: I think Ill stay a while. (Sexual tension is brought on due to Leighs pity for Jack. They look at each other for a little while before Leigh kisses Jack.) Tell me about yourself.

Jack: Well, I lied, you are the first girl who has ever been here. (Black out.)

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