Writing 12
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This is a play about chance meetings and ideas concerning romance.

(A man and a woman enter from either side of the stage. They are both pre-occupied, and dont see each other. They walk right into each other in the middle of the stage.)

Both: Sorry.

Man: Have you been here before?

Woman: No, this is my first time. You?

Man: Never. I was hoping to ask you for directions.

Woman: Sorry, I cant help you. I dont even know where I am, let alone anyone else.

Man: Same here.

Woman: Although, if I dont know where I am, how do I know I havent been here before?

Man: Come to think of it, I dont know the answer to that either. For all I know I could have spent a large part of my life here, and dont remember.

Woman: Maybe this space just doesnt look the same anymore; maybe it has changed over the years.

Man: Maybe I have changed over the years, and this place has stayed the same.

Woman: Its hard to tell.

Man: I dont see a way to know for certain either way.

Woman: So maybe we call it a new place because we have never been here in this condition of our lives while it looks this way.

Man: That would be the most accurate away of putting our situation I suppose. (A Pause.) Have we met before?

Woman: Do you mean met as we are now, or met in some other part of our lives?

Man: In either case.

Woman: I am unsure about the rest of my life, but I dont think we have met as we are now.

Man: Thats odd, because you seem so familiar to me.

Woman: Familiar how?

Man: That is the riddle.

Woman: Life is a riddle. Do you agree?

Man: A riddle that has no definite answer.

Woman: How do you mean?

Man: I can live my life differently from yours, and it might turn out just as good.

Woman: Or as bad.

Man: That is the mystery in life. How will it turn out? What path leads to the best place?

Woman: Maybe we are on the same path. On the other hand, maybe we are on two paths that have crossed over into one and this is the fork in the road.

Man: That might explain why we are here together, even though we dont know where here is.

Woman: We might have solved a piece of the riddle.

Man: What riddle?

Woman: Life.

Man: Oh, I had forgotten that life was a riddle.

Woman: With no definite answer.

Man: Right. No way of knowing what the best path is.

Woman: Should we battle through this path together?

Man: What path?

Woman: Life.

Man: I thought life was a riddle.

Woman: Can a riddle be a path as well as a riddle?

Man: Everything can be what it wishes, if it wishes hard enough.

Woman: What do you wish to be?

Man: I think that is a little bit too personal.

Woman: Sorry, I didnt mean to offend you.

Man: No harm done. (A Pause.) Kiss me.

Woman: (Slightly taken aback.) Isnt that a little to personal?

Man: Men and women kiss all the time in the world.

Woman: But they know each other first.

Man: Not all of them. Some kiss each other without even knowing the smallest thing about the other person. Knowing someones dreams, and what they wish to be, however, is more personal than that.

Woman: So you are saying that I dont have to know you to kiss you, but have to know you to know you?

Man: Yes. (A Pause.) Kiss me.

Woman: Why should I?

Man: Do you not desire to be kissed? Does your body not want the sensation?

Woman: My body wants to know the people it kisses.

Man: You can learn many things from a kiss.

Woman: Tell me one thing you can learn.

Man: I wouldnt know; I have never kissed before.

Woman: Then how do you know that you can learn from kissing?

Man: I imagine that kissing brings people closer, and they learn about the person they kiss. (A Pause.) I want to learn about you.

Woman: What can you learn in a kiss that you cant learn in speech?

Man: Weather or not we should take this path together.

Woman: What if we take this path together, because of this kiss, and then end up where we dont want to be?

Man: There are plenty of other paths we can access after that.

Woman: What if one of us just stops walking while the other goes on a different path?

Man: Why would you let someone like me, who you dont know, make you not want to unravel the riddle of life?

Woman: Its happened to others before.

Man: Why should it happen again?

Woman: And as for kissing, only people without love kiss people they dont know.

Man: Can a man not love his mistress? And can a woman not love the man she fantasizes about kissing?

Woman: Those are paths rarely traveled.

Man: How often is this path travelled?

Woman: We dont even know what path this is.

Man: Then how can you know what it isnt, if you dont know what it is?

Woman: By that logic, do we truly know anything?

Man: Who ever said we did. (A Pause.) Have you travelled the path of love before?

Woman: Isnt that a little too personal?

Man: Sorry, I didnt mean to offend you.

Woman: Should it offend me that you want to know about me? (A Pause.) Kiss me. (They kiss. After a minute, she extends her hand and shakes his.) My name is Julia.

Man: Im Jeff. (A Pause.) What now?

Woman: Perhaps we should see were the path takes us. (Black Out)