Writing 12
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A monologue of one man's troubles.

Lukas: Blink. I was told to blink, and when I snapped my eyes open, she was gone. I hoped that if I obeyed her wishes, she would stay forever. But I blinked and she existed no more in my known realm.

Maybe I shouldnt have done it. Maybe I shouldnt have gotten on that plane and peered out that window until that voice told me to blink. Id forget my troubles. Id forget the pain of leaving her even for a little time. The idea was so appealing, and even though I was skeptical, I followed the soothing directions. I blinked, and couldnt see her from my window seat of the plane anymore. Planes move so fast these days, and this one made the distance between us even greater. But I had forgotten my troubles, even if it was just for a fleeting moment.

When I came home this week, she wasnt there. I laughed at how her office sometimes kept her late and decided to drop by. The official guardian of the door refused my entry. I asked him why, and he told me she wasnt there, and nor did she want to see me. I told him it was a mistake, and repeated my name and her name as though he hadnt heard them before and didnt already know both of us on a first name basis. He snarled at me and offered to call the police to have me removed. So I left in a police car that just took me farther from where she might have been.

The boys in blue dropped me off at my house and told me not to disturb the peace again. I wanted to scream at them that my peace had been royally fucking disturbed, but knew that that would lead to a sleepover to which I did not want to be invited. I went back into the house and looked for a message, a note, anything to tell me that she was all right and that she still loved me. Only the answering machine blinked at me in the gloomy, dark kitchen.

Blinking is reassuring in the right manor. I jump for the button, and silence the house so I might here her sweet voice. The voice I heard was quiet, and unconfident, and nearly twisted her being into something I could not recognize.

"Lukas, Im sorry it has to be this way. Ive been having an affair. I am in love with him, and he loves me, and we want to get married. He told me I had to tell you in person, and I tried that day at the airport, but I couldnt. Im a coward. Im sorry."

She hadnt been this way at the airport. She had been loving and passionate and kissed me firmly before I boarded the plane. I wish I hadnt blinked, because it took not only my troubles way, but my wife. I would have one more moment of happiness if I hadnt blinked and lost her forever.

This morning I blinked and my eye unblurred to view a ceiling with which I was unfamiliar. That ceiling. (He points up.) And now some suit has told me Ive done horrible things and that I have to talk to you. So now you know why Im here, and now you need to help me out of here.