Writing 12
Impersonal Conversation
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This dialogue deals with people talking on a computer message system. (Work In Progress)

(Stage is divided left and right. On stage right is a girls bedroom, on left sits a boy in his bedroom. Both rooms include means of communication such as telephones and computers. Lights up stage left.)

Anthony: So if I take the square root of thirty-six divided by the mass of a grapefruit, then the answer, after you figure out the variable of the grapefruits mass, is - (MSN sound. Anthony dashes to his computer.) Whose online? (Pause. Returns to his homework.) The square root of thirty-six divided by the grapefruit ... I wonder if Cassidy likes grapefruit. (MSN sound. He dashes over again.) Still not her. Shes usually online by now. (Goes back to his studies. Lights down left and up right.)

Cassidy: (Enters her room, removes her coat, turns on music and starts taking out some work to do. Ends up dancing around just like people do when they know no one is watching. Her phone rings. She turns off the music and grasps for the phone.) Hello? Oh, hey Dana... No, I just got home... Phsyc homework? Oh, yeah, I finished that in class. (As she talks, she starts up her computer.) I know, Douglas is such a hard marker. (Takes off her shoes and throws them on the floor.) Oh, come on Dana, you know that youll have the top mark in that class, stop worrying about the stupid mid term. Its just a test.... No, Im just going to take it easy tonight. (Stage left lights up again, as stage right goes down and the MSN sound dings again.)

Anthony: (He rushes back to his computer once again.) Shes online! Okay, now, I just have to think of something cool to start with. (Long Pause as Anthony contemplates what to type.) "Hello Cassidy." (Lights up on both stage left and right.)

Cassidy: Just a second, Dana, Ive got a message online. (Reads her message to herself and replies.)

Anthony: She replied! (Reads.) "Hey, how are you?" Um. Okay, just play it cool. "Im great, how are you?"

Cassidy: (Is removing unnessicary clothing, such as socks, in preparation for a shower. Reads Anthonys message after Cassidy dictates it.) "Great, Im just about to have a shower. Ill be back in a little while."

Anthony: Shower? I wonder if she has a date with that jock. I hate that guy. "Gotta big date?" (Pause) She's not responding. She must hate me. What could I have done to annoy her? Why doesn't she answer me? (Pause) Oh, yeah, she's in the shower. (Anthony's phone rings.)