Writing 12
Attempted Absurdist Theatre
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This is my first attempted Absurdist piece. (Work in Progress)

(The first diget of each persons number dictates the color they wear below their waste, the second diget dictates what they wear on their torso and the third diget dictates what kind of hat/mask/facial feature they are wearing. Each persons number should be written somewhere on their outfit so the audience can see it.)

582: The only thing you need to know is that you know nothing.

397: Dont tell me what I already know.

582: You know nothing.

397: Well, obviously that doesnt make sense because you keep telling me things.

582: That doesnt mean they are true.

397: Youve lied to me?

582: Now you know something.

397: How do I know you arent lying about lying?
582: Now you have just confused me.

421: How do you know you are confused if you dont know what you know?

397: I dont know what I do know, but I know what I dont know.

421: How do you mean?

397: I dont know about what the hell you are talking!

890: About what? What about?

724: What are you talking about?

890: About what are you talking?

(724 and 890 repeat their last two lines while other numbers talk over them.)

579: Who are you?

001: You are number 579. That is all you need to know.

582: You also need to know that you know nothing.

666: Dont talk to me about the amount of nothing I know.

001: No one talks to you; stop concerning yourself with our affairs.

581: Compared to what there is to know and what one can possibly know, we all know nothing, even though we are under the idea that you know everything.

740: It is possible to know as much as it is possible for us to know, you know.

582: Possible, but not probible.

001: How would you know?

724: No!

890: I know, you dont know!

724: No!

890: I know, you dont know! (And so on and so forth.)

579: Who are you?

582: I once knew a ewe.

579: How do you know you knew a ewe when you dont know what you knew, and dont know who you are?

582: I know who I are... I mean, am.

579: Who are you?

582: Im you.

579: You cant be me, Im being me!

582: Im just like you though. One of the nameless.

397: Have you noticed that we are categorized by our numbers?

421: Now what you are talking about?

890: About what are you talking!?

397: We both have 9s in our number, and have the same colored shirts.

421: I dont see what you are getting at.

397: Who here has a 3 in their number? Havent you noticed that you all don the same colors and therefore people come to the same conclusions due to those numbers?

724: I never did like that color. (Points to 397. All who share any number with 397 are outraged. General dissapproval of each others numbers. Havic.)

582: The only thing you need to know is that you know nothing! (Black out.)

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