Writing 12
Creepy Monologue
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I wrote this after someone mentioned that I am scary. We can all be a little scary sometimes...

You know that feeling you usually get when you are alone, the one where you dont think you are totally alone? Sometimes its just your imagination. Sometimes..... but when you believe you are alone at night, and the moon is covered in clouds that pitch the world into what seems like eternal darkness, thats when your imagination isnt playing tricks on you. Thats when I am there. Knowing, watching, lurking; You never see me, because I havent wished to be seen, until now. Why now? You are asking in your head. Why this moment in my life? I know the answer to that riddle. Its because I know what you have been thinking these past days. I know that you have been thinking thoughts that you would never tell anyone else in this world. I know your secrets. Its completely dark in the shadows. The darkness cloaks me, hides me from you, so I can learn more about you, dig deeper and deeper and deeper into your soul. I hear the screams that you scream in your sleep. I clasp myself to your bed spread as you slumber. I slither from under the bed, starting at the foot and working my way up. Slowly. Strappingly. Steadily. Until I am past your legs, your belly button, your shoulders. To your pillow, where lies your head, filled with dreams of darkness, fear and force. My fingers merely graze your skin and you flitch in anguish. I swarm around your sleeping body, my limbs hovering slim centimetres above your slumbering frame. I see what you see, but you can never see the thing I have seen. You would feel drunk if you had the power that I possess. That is why I follow you, to make sure you are kept in the dark, where I can watch your every move. Now you know too much about my existence; and it must be bothering you why I have come forward to deliberate with you. I said it was because of what you were thinking. I always know what are you are going to think, even before you do. And I know this.... if you continue on this path, you will become completely engulfed in the new emotion that is prowling on the edge of your mind. You may think that isnt a bad thing. New things are sometimes good. That always depends on the emotion that is dangling on its way to fall to your soul. This emotion  you possess will grow to hatred, fury, jealousy, all the things that dont effect you and therefore keep you from becoming insane. Insanity shortens you life, and thus you kill yourself. That takes the pleasure away from my quest. And then you become like me, the dead who should still be living. Who follow the living. Who want to go back to living, but cant because they I - took our own lives by means of worry, frustration and hatred. Who didnt live when given the chance, and because of that, dont deserve to live. I am giving you a chance that I never had; to know what it means to think yourself to death, and prevent it. Perhaps I have become less insane whilst watching sanity unfold in anothers life. But I am only your follower, your emotion ridden shadow dweller. The only thing I can make you do is die, but you arent ready - yet. Pick a path, I have to follow. If it dead-ends, I will too reveal myself as death will, but only briefly. Just long enough for the pain of one thousand knives to pierce your soul and drive your body to the ground, from which it will never rise again. You fear death, I know you do. I see you do. I feel you do. Choose your paths in life carefully, but remember that the timid ones can be just as dangerous as the daring. It is always dark in the shadows, but the true path can be darker still. Always remember that I am watching you, and hope that you can live forever, and never see me again. My face is the face that haunts your dreams.