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Sort of new.... First 3 of 13 stories from the boathouse adventure! I really have to get those others typed up sometime. The adventure was in January 2003!!
A lot of people I know have websites, and I have some time to kill, so I figured I might make one. I'll tell you the basics: I'm a theatre kid, I am in love with the story of Les Miserables and recently completed a show of the opera with said title. I live in Canada, and one day hope to open my own theatre, with my own apartment in it so I never have to leave.

My Favourites

Favourite Music: Show Tunes
Favourite Movie: For the sake of picking one... Moulin Rouge
Favourite Sport: Theatre Sports!!
Favourite Foods: Pizza, cream corn, Subway
Favourite Color: Yellow
Favourite Place to Be: On Stage

Things That Make Me Happy

Acting, singing, dancing, reading, writing, quoting shows, watching shows, being on stage - even if it's only crew and not acting, my friends, hearing about love, dreaming...

The People I Admire Most

I admire my friends. I have a wide variety of people I like to hang out with, and all of them amaze me by just being themselves. I think it is wonderful that people have taken it upon themselves to not become just like everyone else in society. I mean, would you really like to be walking down the street and see someone doing exactly the things you do, and looking exactly like you? No! I admire individuality and non-conformity. I also admire when people stick up for what they believe in. These people are wonderful to have around, and I love them all.



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The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return


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