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This is the first of 13 stories that we wrote while locked in Cam's boathouse for 60 hours. They go crazy near the end, or start crazy, depending.

Slowly, they advanced toward the city, creeping on soft feet, feeling their way down the highway. They moved in complete silence, quiet shadows seeing everything. When something made a noise, it was silenced abruptly, with a single sharp look or a twist of the hand. They passed, everything must remain perfectly calm, to uphold the balance.
Ahead, the city held few lights. This was a perfect place for them to rest from their journey; the less people that knew they were there, the better. The black of night had always been their protector, who hid them from faces with upturned noses and disapproving eyes. If only they understood better what they were running from.
The tall buildings that seemed sad, and alone in their magisty, were as empty as the streets. The two looked about them, and saw no one. They didn't know if they were glad for this or not.
In the silence, they took out mats made of straw and placed them on the ground. They had stopped in what appeared to be a park - the tall trees, while beautiful. were shadowed by the skyscrapers that loomed over them.
They sighed, and settled down, both contemplating silently their surroundings.
"Do you think that-" one began.
"No," the other said, glaring at it's companion. "And neither should you."
"But-" said the first again.
"No," replied the second in a grim tone.
The two hadn't started life like this, of course. they had to be born first, have a childhood and then dedcide to run away. One had called Lisa in her childhood, the other Maria. They weren't sure how it came to be that two girls from two house holds would find each other and fall in love, but it made them happy just the same.
But did any of that matter any more? Of everyone in the city, what did it matter any more? Maria questioned how far the death spread. She didn't speak this to Lisa, for Maria knew she was weak and niave.
Lisa, who always felt a little stupid around Maria, was wondering how long it would take to reach their destination, and where exactly they were going. Maria had said nothing, showing up at Lisa's door one night.
"Let's escape the narrow views of our parents," she had said. And Lisa, because she loved Maria, had followed blindly.
"Where are we going?"
"Aren't we away right now?"
Maria pondered this idea. "I suppose away is where ever you want to be."
"Where is our away?" Lisa rolled over and looked at the stars.
"Where is that?"
"I don't know yet."
"Will you tell me when we get there?"
"You'll know, I assure you."
Lisa looked upon Maria as though she was a god. Lisa felt safe with Maria. Their relationship was so unique, they were in love, made love, and yet, at moments, like this one, they almost became mother and daughter.
Maria was so wise, so Lisa thought. Maria really couldn't say anything wrong in Lisa's eyes, and whenever Maria decided to go, Lisa would follow without question.
"Lisa, are you happy?" Maria asked, slinging an arm around her lover's shoulders.
"Very much so," Lisa said, feeling safe and secure, despite the tall, menacing buildings. "But perhaps buildings this old cannot accept change. Maybe our 'away' is not in a city."

"Away is in your hearts, ladies." A
 voice broke the silence. Startled, Lisa and Maria turned to see the speaker.
"Who are you?" they asked, as if they shared one mouth and the same thoughts.
"I am the only survivor," she exclaimed.
"You live here?" Lisa was choking on her words.
"Yes," came the reply.
"What happened here?" Maria asked. Lisa stood close to Maria.
"Everyone died one day."

Lisa let Maria do the talking. "How?"
"Posion. In the water."
"Why is it you survived?"

"Because I posioned them."
Lisa had to ask, "Why?"
Pain, death, unworthyness, cruelty, endless monotomy," the girl explained, then held out her hand.
"Seraphim," she said. It was Maria who took her hand and shool it.
"Seraphim, as in... seraph... the highest order of angels?" Lisa wanted to know. Maria frowned, she did not believe in angels.
Lisa was excited at this point. "Are you an angel?"
"What kind of angel would kill a whole city?" Maria asked in doubt.
Seraphim answered, "So what if I have been demoted to Angel of Death duties?"
Lisa remembered something her grandmother had told her.
"Lisa, if you ever run into an angel of death, don't offer it anything."
Just as Lisa was coming out of her day dream, Maria began to speak.
"well, since you're alone, would you like to-" Lisa punched Maria in the mouth. It worked well, because she stopped talking.
Lisa had never done anything without Maria's permission before and this sudden punch took Maria by surprise. She stopped talking, and stared.
Seraphim smiled. "Excellent Lisa. Very good. You'd make a wonderful angel of death. Would you like to trade places?"
Lisa looked at Seraphim curiously. "Really, could we do that?"
"Oh, yes," Seraphim said, grabbing Lisa's hand. A light shone, and Lisa closed her eyes. When she opened them, a girl who looked exactly like her was crouched over the now sleep-like Maria, reviving her.
"Wow, did we trade bodies?" the new Seraphim asked.
"Yes. And joke's on you, now I can get with your girlfriend and she won't know it's not you! Seraphim cannot have sex!"
Lisa, being the dim candle that she was, thought the best idea would be to kill Maria, and then kill herself. This way they could be together forever. So Lisa walked over to Maria, and bit off her head, then proceeded to do the same to herself, which was very difficult. The one and only problem was that people who kill themselves go to hell. So once again, Lisa mucked it up for everyone else.
The End

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.