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I made these songs up for my Macbeth project for Enlish 11-H and got 125%.

Act One (Lovely Ladies aka The Docks)
I smell witches, smell them in the air
Think Ill go get my fortune read in that hut over there
Ugly women, see them through the smoke
Take a sip of potion, it will make you wanna choke
Even Macbeth wants to know the joke
Ugly witches, waiting for a bite
Waiting for the fortunes to tell people in the night
Ugly witches, ready for the call
Dont go near them, its no good at all
Run away, but please dont hit the wall.
Macbeth, youll be the Thane of Cawdor
Youll be a king, people will serve you
Banquo, your kids will be kings
But no not you, nothing good will come to you
Just think of that, it is the future
Just think of that
What can you do, you know much more, you are wanting to know more
Ugly witches vanish in the dust
Given them predictions that awaken their inner lust
Ugly women, what are you for?
Soon youll have Macbeth banging at the door.
What are these predictions for?
Give me the dirt, whose that girl over there?
Macbeths wife, the long with long hair
They have no kids, yet they are in love
I might have known theres a spur in his glove
Lovely lady, come along and join us, lovely lady
Come on dearie, this is a must
You must convince Macbeth that can achieve greatness
His doubts have put him into a heap
Make him kill Duncan, kill him in his sleep
Come on dearie, tell him the lot

Come on dearie, show him what youve got
Old hags, young hags, making us crazy
Doesnt take too much for people to see
Poor hags, gore hags, evil to the bone
Wont it be great if they would turn to stone?

h, but wait, soon Macbeth will be stoned

Act Two (The Sewer)
Heres a dagger, stab it right in there
Dont let him cry out, the plan will then be done
Blood all over the chamber bed
Drugged the guards in style, they sleep with a smile
Here amung the sleeping folk, I feel like Im in hell
Man does blood smell
Well, someones got to clean me up, my friends

Blood all over my hands, motions going up and down
Ive got to get out of this room, before Im found out by the town

My Dear!
Its you my wife, I didnt wait too long
I am your servant, he was slain here
Ive done so much wrong, I will not return back there
In she goes, gets blood on her hands
Places the daggers in the guards hands

In mercies name, this is all I need
I warn you, blood doesnt wash away easy

You will scrub and scrub but not come clean, the past of what has beenLook down, my dear, the waters running red
Take flight my dear, remember what I said
Our bed is waiting, lets sleep away this pain.

Act Three (Master of the House)
Welcome, murder, to my fair town
Here is a job, take the child down
Oh cant you see, what hed do to me?
This kid could be the end of my monarchy.
Master of the crown, master of my land
Dont want that dirty rat to steal my hand
Even Fleaonce lives, I will be no more
I dont want that bastard banging at my door
Everyone bless Macbeth, everyones favourite man
Ill do whatever pleases, just dont let that kid wreck my plan.
Master of the crown, handing out orders
Doesnt want the kid to get on his nerves
Kill the little rat, never let him see
Hes a child that can make Macbeth not be
Everyone bless the king, master of everyones house hold
Dont let that bugger live, no go and do as you are told.
Welcome, murder, come in the door
Do what I wish, please nothing more
Kill Fleaonce, and Banqou too
Go, now Ive told you want to do
Dont disobey my words
Or you wont gain any bread
You will not be paid until those two are dead
Cash beyond an end, cash beyond belief
Put it in your pocket and itll by you beef
Get your task done, do it right away
Ill pretend I know no more that they have died this day
Everybody bless Macbeth, everyones favourite guy
Just do it quickly and make those bastards die.
Master of the crown, handing out orders
Doesnt want the kid to get on his nerves
Kill the little rat, never let him see
Hes a child that can make Macbeth not be
Everyone bless the king, master of everyones house hold
Dont let that bugger live, no go and do as you are told.
Everybody raise your glass
I see the ghost of Banquo past
Everybody raise a glass to the murder in the house!


Act Four (The Bargain)

What to do? What to say?
How could my mind not let Banquo away?
What a curse, theres no way
That this guilt with leave today.
Witches please, tell me more, about the future that I adore
Fleaonce hasnt gone to rest
Those murderers didnt do the best
Banquo lays in his death bed
Thats not the complete task that I said
What I said!
Wyrd sisters, give me a drink
Give me something that will help me think
Share with me, predictions of the
Future that I will soon see
Fear Macduff, youll not die
Until Burnum Wood comes by
Dont you fear, not can defend
Unless the were not born of woman
Dont you fret, dear Macbeth
Your is a life is one none will forgot.

Act Five (Javert's Suicide)

Who is this man, what sort of devil is he? To think he can kill someone like me. It is his hour at last, Ill put a seal on his fate.
I wiped out his castle, cleaned off his slate.
All it will take is a flick of my knife, hell not take my crown, Ill take his life.
Damned if Ill Macduff get to me, damned if he will conquer whats mine
This crown is mine, it will never be won, he cant take this for my killing his son.

There is nothing on earth thats enough. It is either Macbeth or Macduff.
How could I allow this man, to hold any power over me.
This man who I was foreworned of. He gives me no fright, he gives me not shivers.
He will parish at my hand, it is his right.
I cannot be destroyed, this man is no more than a boy.
And yet someone cries in the distance, what can that man say?
Hes not born of a women, he will kill me today.
And now I must begin to doubt, what Ive doubted all these years.
My heart was stone, but now it trembles

Kill him Macbeth, it will give you freedom
Am I for heaven or for hell? And how could I know?
That Burnum Wood would come to me

And this man would kill me even so
I am fighting, but I fall, and Macduff is closing in
As I stare into his eyes, look deep within him
Hell take me from this world, this world of my great life
I will not give up, hell not take my life!!!!!!!


The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return