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That's right, for your amusement, or fright, (and my own) I have placed the entire draft of a script of Rocky Horror Picture Show on my site. Enjoy.



Adapted from "The Rocky Horror Show" a musical with Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

                                                      	Soft Drum-Roll.
                                                      2	THEY SPLIT OPTICALLY TO REVEAL THE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LOGO.
                                                      3	A SMALL WHITE SCREEN - ACADEMY SIZE - APPEARS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 
                                                      	WIDE-SCREEN FORMAT
                                                      4	On the sides of the image are stationary sprocket holes of celluloid.
                                                      	SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE * Musical Introduction.
                                                      	Film head runs down numbers:  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START.
                                                      	Very scratched.  During the SONG we see snatches of the films mentioned 
                                                      	in SONG.  They look old and scratched and they are INTERCUT with flashes 
                                                      	of white screen, burnt celluloid, etc.
                                                      	SONG:		"SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE"
                                                      	THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - THE END SEQUENCE OF THE ROBOT CARRYING 
                                                      	THE HERO
                                                      					VOICE OVER
                                                      			Michael Rennie was ill.
                                                      			The day the earth stood still
                                                      			But he told us where we stand
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      5	FLASH GORDON - BUSTER CRABBE IN ACTION
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			And Flash Gordon was there
                                                      			In silver underwear.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      6	THE INVISIBLE MAN - CLAUDE RAINS IN BANDAGES AND DARK GLASSES
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			Claude Rains was the invisible man.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      7	KING KONG - EMPIRE STATE BUILDING SEQUENCE WITH FAY WRAY
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			Then something went wrong
                                                      			For Fay Wray and King Kong
                                                      			They got caught in a celluloid jam
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      8	IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE - GEODESIC GLOBE ECLIPSING THE EARTH
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			Then at a deadly pace
                                                      			It came from outer space
                                                      			And this is how the message ran
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      9	TITLE SEQUENCE - CAST AND WRITING CREDITS
                                                      			Science Fiction - double-feature
                                                      			Dr X will build a creature
                                                      			See Androids fighting Brad and Janet
                                                      			Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
                                                      			Oh - at the late night, double-feature
                                                      			Picture Show.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      10	TARANTULA - THE MUTATION SEQUENCE
                                                      					VOICE OVER
                                                      			I knew Leo G. Carrol
                                                      			Was over a barrel
                                                      			When tarantula took to the hills
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      11	THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS - FIGHT IN THE LIGHTHOUSE
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			And I really got hot
                                                      			When I saw Jeanette Scott
                                                      			Fight a Triffid that spits poison and kills
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      12	THE NIGHT OF THE DEMON - SEQUENCE OF "RUNIC WRITING", FLYING INTO THE 
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			Dana Andrews said prunes
                                                      			Gave him the runes
                                                      			And passing them used lots of skills.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      13	WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE - ROCKET INVASION SEQUENCE
                                                      					VOICE OVER (Cont)
                                                      			And when worlds collide
                                                      			Said George Pal to his bride
                                                      			I'm going to give you some terrible trills
                                                      			Like a -
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      14	TITLE CONTINUED - TECHNICAL AND PRODUCTION CREDITS
                                                      			Science Fiction - double-feature
                                                      			Dr X will build a creature
                                                      			See Androids fighting Brad and Janet
                                                      			Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
                                                      			Oh - at the late-night, double-feature
                                                      			Picture Show
                                                      			By RKO O- Oh
                                                      			At the late-night, double-feature
                                                      			Picture Show
                                                      			In the back row
                                                      			At the late-night, double-feature
                                                      			Picture Show
                                                      			I want to go.
                                                      								DISSOLVE TO
                                                      15	EXT.	A STILL FRAME OF A DENTON CATHOLIC CHURCH	DAY
                                                      					CHORUS (Cont)
                                                      			To the late night double feature
                                                      			Picture Show.
                                                      	The SONG ends with church bells ringing joyously as the IMAGE EXPANDS TO 
                                                      	WIDE-SCREEN.  The STILL FRAME bursts to life as the doors of the Denton 
                                                      	Catholic Church are flung open and Mendelssohn's wedding march resounds 
                                                      	from the church organ.
                                                      	The young married couple, RALPH and BETTY HAPSCHATT appear followed by a 
                                                      	crowd of friends and well-wishers throwing confetti and shouting 
                                                      	The MINISTER shakes RALPH by the hand while RALPH slips him a $20 bill.
                                                      	PHOTOGRAPHERS take pictures.
                                                      	BRAD MAJORS, a young slightly awkward, clean-cut American in his mid-
                                                      	twenties, comes over the congratulate RALPH.  BRAD and RALPH shake 
                                                      			Well Brad, I guess we made it huh!
                                                      			Well I don't think there was any doubt
                                                      			about that - You and Betty have been
                                                      			almost inseparable ever since you sat
                                                      			in on Dr Scott's refresher lectures.
                                                      			Tell you the truth Brad, she was the
                                                      			only reason I came in the first place.
                                                      			Science was never one of my favourite
                                                      			subjects but I sure with Dr Scott
                                                      			could have made it today.
                                                      			Yes, Janet and I are both fond of him.
                                                      			We drove over to see him last vacation.
                                                      			It's a shame his new job took him away
                                                      			from Denton.
                                                      	BETTY, the bride, throws the bouquet.
                                                      	JANET catches it.  She squeals with delight.
                                                      	The GUESTS cheer.
                                                      			Hey fella.  It looks like it could be
                                                      			your turn next.
                                                      			Who knows...ha ha.
                                                      	RALPH & BETTY drive off.  GUESTS wave and shout, BRAD & JANET with great 
                                                      	enthusiasm.  GUESTS begin to disperse.
                                                      	JANET & BRAD linger outside the church.  So do a strange FAMILY :  An 
                                                      	old man with a pitchfork and his wife and daughter.  They resemble the 
                                                      	Quaker family in "American Gothic", a painting.
                                                      	The MOTHER (MAGENTA) and FATHER (RIFF RAFF) stand outside the church 
                                                      	doors.  Their DAUGHTER (COLUMBIA) goes inside.  The FAMILY, and the 
                                                      	MINISTER (FRANK N. FURTER), and the GUESTS all resemble characters we 
                                                      	shall meet later at the Frank N. Furter place.
                                                      					JANET (who is holding the bouquet)
                                                      			Oh Brad, wasn't it wonderful. Didn't
                                                      			Betty look radiantly beautiful.  
                                                      			Just an hour ago she was plain old
                                                      			Betty Monroe.  Now she's Mrs. 
                                                      			Ralph Hapschatt.
                                                      					BRAD (Still looking after the car)
                                                      			Er...yes, Janet.......Ralph's a 
                                                      			lucky guy.  (They start to move d.s.)
                                                      			Everyone knows Betty's a wonderful 
                                                      			little cook.
                                                      			And Ralph himself will be in line for 
                                                      			promotion in a year or so.
                                                      	FIRST CHORD OF "WEDDING SONG"
                                                      16	EXT.	CHURCH	DAY
                                                      	"WEDDING SONG" (Silent playback for dialogue)
                                                      	With great decision BRAD turns on JANET
                                                      					BRAD (spoken)
                                                      			Hey Janet.
                                                      			Yes Brad.
                                                      			I've got something to say.
                                                      			Uh huh.
                                                      			I really loved the skilful way
                                                      			You beat the other girls
                                                      			To the bride's bouquet.
                                                      			Oh Brad.
                                                      	(Singing begins)
                                                      			The river was deep but I swam it.
                                                      					FAMILY (Riff & Magenta)
                                                      			The future is ours so let's plan it.
                                                      					FAMILY (R & M)
                                                      			So please don't tell me to can it.
                                                      					FAMILY (R & M)
                                                      			I've one thing to say and that's
                                                      			Dammit, Janet.
                                                      			I love you.
                                                      			The road was long but I ran it.
                                                      			(He runs backwards towards church doors)
                                                      					FAMILY (Riff and Magenta)
                                                      					BRAD (Climbing onto fence)
                                                      			There's a fire in my heart
                                                      			And you fan it.  (Jumps off)
                                                      					FAMILY (Riff and Magenta)
                                                      			If there's one fool for you
                                                      			Then I am it.
                                                      					FAMILY (Riff and Magenta)
                                                      					BRAD (Getting chalk from pocket)
                                                      			I've one thing to say and that's,
                                                      			Dammit, Janet.
                                                      	He chalks a heart and arrow on the church door, which Riff Raff proceeds 
                                                      	to wipe off.
                                                      			I love you.
                                                      	JANET runs to him, he kneels and produces a ring.
                                                      			Here's a ring to prove that
                                                      			I'm not joker.
                                                      	CHURCH BELLS Peal out.  RIFF & MAGENTA open doors and solemnly enter the 
                                                      	church, door closes behind them.
                                                      			There's three ways that love can grow.
                                                      			That's good bad or mediocre.
                                                      	JANET grabs the ring as BRAD rises.  She throws down the bouquet and 
                                                      	would fall into BRAD's arms but he goes to the door to chalk on it 
                                                      			Oh - J - A - N - E - T
                                                      			I love you so.
                                                      	JANET, transfixed, bursts into the church.
                                                      17	INT. CHURCH		DAY
                                                      	"WEDDING SONG"  Pt. 2
                                                      	JANET bursts into the church, hypnotised by the ring.  BRAD follows her.
                                                      			Oh!......It's nicer than
                                                      			Betty Munroe had
                                                      					MAGENTA (Peering up from behind pew)
                                                      			Oh Brad.
                                                      			Now we're engaged and I'm so glad.
                                                      					MAGENTA & COLUMBIA
                                                      			Oh Brad.  (Both peer up and disappear)
                                                      			That you met Mom
                                                      			And you know Dad.
                                                      					WHOLE FAMILY
                                                      			Oh Brad.  (peering up together)
                                                      					JANET (Taking his arm)
                                                      			I've one thing to say
                                                      			And that's, Brad
                                                      			I'm mad,
                                                      			For you too.
                                                      	BRAD & JANET start to walk d.s., arm in arm.
                                                      	the strange FAMILY march slowly across them l/r., in front.
                                                      					JANET (Laying head on Brad's sh.)
                                                      			Oh, Brad.
                                                      			Oh Dammit.
                                                      					JANET (Caresses his cheek)
                                                      			I'm mad.....
                                                      			Oh Janet
                                                      			For you.
                                                      					BRAD (briefly kisses her)
                                                      			I love you too-oo-oo.
                                                      	BRAD takes JANET's hands, turning to her.  We are aware of THE FAMILY 
                                                      	bringing in coffin in b.g. through vestry door.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			There's one thing left to do-ah-ooh
                                                      	(They separate)
                                                      			And that's go see the man
                                                      			Who began it
                                                      					FAMILY (Carrying coffin)
                                                      			When we met in his science exam
                                                      			It -
                                                      	THE FAMILY move into position behind BRAD & JANET
                                                      			Made me give you the eye
                                                      			And then panic,
                                                      	FAMILY lower coffin onto floor.
                                                      			I've got one thing to say, and that's
                                                      			I love you.
                                                      	JANET runs to BRAD and he hugs her.
                                                      					BRAD (Circling Janet)
                                                      			Dammit, Janet.
                                                      	JANET circles BRAD twice, admiring her ring on the way.
                                                      			Oh Brad,
                                                      			I'm mad.
                                                      			Dammit, Janet.
                                                      	BRAD & JANET kneel together with each following word until they are 
                                                      	kneeling on the floor)
                                                      					BRAD, JANET, FAMILY.
                                                      			I love you.
                                                      	BRAD & JANET kiss.
                                                      	The cross above spits optically.
                                                      18	INT.	A STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	Mahogany bookcases, a large desk with a prominent globe of the world.  A 
                                                      	well-padded armchair has its back to the camera.  It swings around 
                                                      	revealing the NARRATOR.  He is in his smoking jacket.  He speaks 
                                                      	directly to us.
                                                      			I would like if I may to take you on a
                                                      			strange journey.
                                                      	He crosses to the bookshelf.  He selects a dossier.  We see the title: 
                                                      	"The Denton Affair".  He returns to his desk and places it on a 
                                                      	bookstand.  He puts on his reading glasses.
                                                      			It seemed a fairly ordinary night when
                                                      			Brad Majors and his fiancee Janet Weiss
                                                      			(two young ordinary healthy kids) left
                                                      			Denton that late November evening to
                                                      			visit Dr Everett Scott, ex. tutor and
                                                      			now friend of both of them.  It's true 
                                                      			there were dark storm clouds, heavy, 
                                                      			black and pendulous, toward which they 
                                                      			were driving.  It's true also that the 
                                                      			spare tyre they were carrying was badly 
                                                      			in need of some air.  But they being 
                                                      			normal kids and on a night out, well 
                                                      			they were not going to let a storm 
                                                      			spoil the events of their evening.
                                                      			On a night out.
                                                      	He closes the book marking the place.
                                                      	Thunder is heard distantly on the sound track.
                                                      			It was a night out they were going to
                                                      			remember for a very long time.
                                                      	Lighting cracks on the sound track.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      19	EXT.	NIGHT
                                                      	A windscreen wiper working under strain.  Torrential rain on the 
                                                      	windscreen.  BRAD concentrating on visibility.  JANET eating chocolates 
                                                      	and listening to the car radio playing an Orson Welles serial - The 
                                                      	A motorcycle roars past them.
                                                      			Gosh.  That's the third motorcyclist
                                                      			that's passed us.  They certainly take
                                                      			their lives in their hands.  What with
                                                      			the weather and all.
                                                      			Yes, Janet.  Life's pretty cheap to
                                                      			that type.
                                                      	JANET takes another stick of gum.
                                                      	Offers BRAD some.  He declines.
                                                      	The car slows to a halt.
                                                      			What's the matter Brad, darling?
                                                      	Headlights on sign reading: "DEAD END".
                                                      			I think we took the wrong fork a few
                                                      			miles back.
                                                      			Oh dear!  But then where did the
                                                      			motorcyclists come from?
                                                      			Hmmm ... Well, I guess we will have
                                                      			to turn back.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      20	EXT.	ROAD	NIGHT
                                                      	Car reverses.
                                                      	BRAD puts his foot on the accelerator.  The wheel skids and explodes.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      21	INT.	CAR	NIGHT
                                                      			What was that bang?
                                                      			We must have a blow-out.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      22	EXT.	ROAD	NIGHT
                                                      	A bolt of lighting strikes a tree.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      23	INT.	CAR	NIGHT
                                                      			You'd better sit here and keep warm 
                                                      			while I go for help.
                                                      			But where will you go?  We're in the 
                                                      			middle of nowhere.
                                                      			Didn't we pass a castle back down the
                                                      			road a few miles?  Maybe they have
                                                      			a telephone I might use.
                                                      	He unbuckles his seatbelt.
                                                      			I'm coming with you.
                                                      			There's no point both of us getting wet.
                                                      			I'm coming with you.
                                                      				(she unbuckles her seatbelt)
                                                      			Besides, darling, the owner of the phone
                                                      			might be a beautiful woman and you may
                                                      			never come back.
                                                      	BRAD laughs.
                                                      	A thunderclap.
                                                      	MUSIC commences and she alights from the car and follows him, newspaper 
                                                      	over her head.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      24	EXT.	ROAD	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		"OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE"
                                                      	The rain pours off the newspaper down JANET's face.  She walks along, 
                                                      	catching up with BRAD.
                                                      	She sing plaintively.
                                                      			In the velvet darkness
                                                      			Of the blackest night
                                                      			Burning bright.
                                                      	We see the two of them - BRAD striding ahead, JANET nearly catching up 
                                                      	with him.
                                                      	Behind them on the side of the road, sparse trees and rock formations.
                                                      			There's a guiding star
                                                      			No matter what or who you are.
                                                      	They have passed a row of trees.  A rock formation in the shape of a 
                                                      	castle is silhouetted against the sky.  It has a flag flying from the 
                                                      	Lightning strikes.
                                                      	A glow of light appears in a window.  It illuminates a path to the 
                                                      	BRAD and JANET turn.
                                                      	The castle is in the distance between the two of them.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			There's a light
                                                      	The castle looms in the distance.
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			Over at the Frankenstein place.
                                                      	BRAD stares hard.
                                                      			There's a light.
                                                      	The castle looms closer.
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			Burning in the fireplace.
                                                      				(looks to Brad)
                                                      			There's a light, a light
                                                      			In the darkness of everybody's life
                                                      	Taking JANET by the hand, BRAD moves off the roadway towards the house.
                                                      			I can see the flag fly
                                                      			I can see the rain
                                                      			Just the same
                                                      			There has got to be
                                                      			Something better here
                                                      			For you and me.
                                                      	Lighting strikes.
                                                      	JANET jumps towards BRAD.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			There's a light.
                                                      	The castle seems to move forward.
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			Burning in the fireplace.
                                                      			There's a light.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      25	EXT.	CASTLE DRIVEWAY	NIGHT
                                                      	A motorcycle convoy roars by revealing a hidden road to the castle.
                                                      			A light
                                                      			In the darkness of everybody's life.
                                                      	The convoy drives up and disappears into a secret entrance in the rock.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      26	EXT.	CASTLE FACADE	NIGHT
                                                      	We see a cell-like window near a massive lighted window.  A tortured 
                                                      	face appears squinting into the darkness.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			The darkness must go
                                                      			Down the river of nights dreaming
                                                      			Flow morphia slow
                                                      			Let the sun and light come streaming
                                                      			Into my life.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      27	EXT.	SKY	NIGHT
                                                      	Lightning strikes.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      28	CASTLE FACADE	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF moves to the lighted window where his hunchbacked shape 
                                                      	becomes a giant shadow.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Into my life.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      29	EXT.	CASTLE DRIVE	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD and JANET start moving down the driveway.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			There's a light.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      30	CASTLE FACADE	NIGHT
                                                      	Shadow turns in the window.
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			Over at the Frankenstein place.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      31	EXT.	CASTLE DRIVE	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD and JANET approach the gateway to the castle.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			There's a light.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      32	CASTLE FACADE	NIGHT
                                                      	The shadow slowly covers the whole window.
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			Burning in the fireplace.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      33	EXT.	CASTLE DRIVE	NIGHT
                                                      					PHANTOM VOICES
                                                      			There's a light, a light.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are at the gate.  There is a rusted sign.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			In the darkness of everybody's life.
                                                      	A bolt of lighting illuminates the sign which reads:  FRANK N. FURTER - 
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      34	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	The NARRATOR is in his armchair.  He leans forward with some urgency.
                                                      			And so it seemed that fortune had smiled
                                                      			on Brad and Janet and that they had found
                                                      			the assistance that their plight required -
                                                      			or had they?
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      35	EXT.	FRONT DOOR OF THE CASTLE	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD rings the doorbell.  It makes a strange sound.
                                                      			Oh, Brad.  Let's go back.  I'm cold
                                                      			and I'm frightened.
                                                      			Just a moment, Janet.  They may have
                                                      			a telephone.
                                                      	The door opens.  Throbbing music is heard in the background as if there 
                                                      	is a party going on in the distance.
                                                      	The figure we have seen at the window emerges.  He is a hunch-backed 
                                                      	servant, RIFF RAFF.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Uh - oh - Hi!  My name is Brad Majors.
                                                      			And this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss.  I -
                                                      			ah - wondered if you could help us.  Our
                                                      			car has broken down about two miles up the
                                                      			road.  Do you have a phone we might use?
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			You're wet.
                                                      			Yes, the rain has been very heavy.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      36	EXT.	CASTLE	NIGHT
                                                      	A bolt of lighting illuminates a row of vehicles parked by the castle.
                                                      37	EXT.	FRONT DOOR OF CASTLE	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD sees them and reacts with surprise.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF realises BRAD has seen them.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			I think you had better both come inside.
                                                      			You're too kind.
                                                      	They enter apprehensively.
                                                      38	INT.	STAIRWAY	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF leads them down a stairway and beckons them to follow.
                                                      	The MUSIC has become louder.
                                                      				(sotto voce)
                                                      			Oh Brad, I'm frightened.  What kind
                                                      			of place is this?
                                                      				(sotto voce)
                                                      			Oh, it's probably some kind of hunting
                                                      			lodge for rich weirdos.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      39	INT.	HALLWAY	NIGHT
                                                      	They arrive at a hallway at the bottom of the stairs.  Another servant,
                                                      	MAGENTA, who bears a striking physical resemblance to RIFF RAFF is 
                                                      	vacuuming the stairs.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			This way.
                                                      	JANET steps over the vacuum lead.
                                                      			Are you - giving a party?
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			No.  You've arrived on a rather special
                                                      			night.  It's one of the master's affairs.
                                                      			Oh, lucky him.
                                                      			He's lucky.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET look at MAGENTA, surprised by her voice.
                                                      			You're lucky, I'm lucky, we're all
                                                      40	SONG:		"THE TIME WARP"
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are rather unnerved by this outburst from the domestic.  
                                                      	They look back to RIFF RAFF.  He is now standing by a set of mirrors 
                                                      	reflecting to infinity.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			It's astounding
                                                      			Time is fleeting
                                                      			Madness takes its toll
                                                      			But listen closely
                                                      			Not for very much longer
                                                      			I've got to keep control.
                                                      	MAGENTA gives RIFF RAFF a strange signal.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF starts to dance in an extraordinary fashion.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			I remember doing the Time Warp.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are amazed.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Drinking those moments when
                                                      			The blackness would hit me.
                                                      	MAGENTA half closes her eyes in pleasure.
                                                      	JANET clings to BRAD.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			And the void would be calling.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF opens a set of double doors marked BALLROOM.
                                                      41	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD and JANET find themselves on a balcony of a huge black and silver
                                                      	ballroom.  At the furthest end is a throne-like chair and, surrounding 
                                                      	it, a theatre proscenium.  In the body of the room are GUESTS.  They are 
                                                      	the people BRAD and JANET passed on the road.  They are the 
                                                      	Transylvanian Secret Agents - assembled on this special occasion from 
                                                      	all over the earth.  It is the Annual Transylvanian Convention - 
                                                      	announced by an official banner suspended over the Ballroom.  They are
                                                      	all dressed in strange but elegant evening wear.  They are a distorted 
                                                      	version of the GUESTS from the Denton wedding.  A party spirit prevails, 
                                                      	they throw their arms out in a plea to RIFF RAFF on the balcony.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	JANET falls into BRAD's arms.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF is ecstatic.
                                                      	BRAD revives JANET.
                                                      				(repeating action)
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	JANET faints again.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      42	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	The NARRATOR moves from his desk to the wall behind him.  He pulls down 
                                                      	a chart with illustrated dance steps on it.  He gestures to the 
                                                      	appropriate section of the diagram with the pointer.
                                                      			It's just a jump to the left.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      43	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	The GUESTS leap to the left in one giant step.
                                                      			And a step to the right - right -
                                                      			right - right - right.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      44	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	NARRATOR points to next step on the chart.
                                                      			With your hands on your hips.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      45	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	ALL GUESTS have hands on hips.
                                                      			You bring your knees in tight.
                                                      			But it's the pelvic thrust.
                                                      	The rows of GUESTS open out with pelvic thrusts.
                                                      					GUESTS (Cont)
                                                      			They really drive you insane.
                                                      	We see them from the balcony and they open out in formation.
                                                      					GUESTS (Cont)
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	JANET revives.
                                                      	The GUESTS re-form.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET make a run out the door.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      46	INT.	STAIRWAY	NIGHT
                                                      	They collide with MAGENTA who has blocked off the corridor with her 
                                                      	vacuum.  She sings with menace, waving the cleaner hose dangerously.
                                                      			It's so dreamy
                                                      			Oh, fantasy free me
                                                      			So you can't see me
                                                      			No not at all.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET look at each other in alarm.
                                                      			In another dimension.
                                                      				(she forces them back towards
                                                      			With voyeuristic intention.
                                                      	BRAD blushes.
                                                      			Well secluded I see all
                                                      			With a bit of a mind flip
                                                      			You're into the time slip
                                                      			Nothing will ever seem the same.
                                                      	They are back at the balcony.
                                                      			You're spaced out on sensation.
                                                      	They are at the edge of the balcony.
                                                      			Like you're under sedation.
                                                      	They force BRAD and JANET into the Ballroom proper.
                                                      	The GUESTS turn on them.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are completely dismayed.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	COLUMBIA, a young girl, is the household groupie.  She sings with the 
                                                      	band at the end of the Ballroom.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      47	INT.	BANDSTAND	NIGHT
                                                      			Well I was walking down the street
                                                      			Just having a think
                                                      			When a snake of a guy
                                                      			Gave me an evil wink.
                                                      			Well it shook me up
                                                      			It took me by surprise
                                                      			He had a pick-up truck
                                                      			And the devil's eyes
                                                      			He stared at me
                                                      			And I felt a change
                                                      			Time meant nothing
                                                      			Never would again.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      48	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are reeling.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      49	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	NARRATOR.  He has now become rather involved in the dance and is 
                                                      	standing on the blotter on the top of his desk.
                                                      			It's just a jump to the left.
                                                      	He jumps to the left.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      50	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      			And then a step to the right.
                                                      	The GUESTS take one.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      51	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	The NARRATOR dancing on the desk.
                                                      			With your hands on your hips.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      52	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      			You bring your knees in tight.
                                                      	OVERHEAD TRAVELLING SHOT.
                                                      			But it's the pelvic thrust.
                                                      	LOW TRAVELLING SHOT between their legs.
                                                      			That really drives you insane.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	Everyone reverses direction.
                                                      			Let's do the Time Warp again.
                                                      	All the GUESTS fall to the floor like flies exhausted.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      53	INT.	BALCONY/HALLWAY	NIGHT
                                                      			Oh....Say something.
                                                      			Say!  Do any of you guys know the Madison?
                                                      	No one laughs.
                                                      	GUESTS turn nasty.
                                                      53A	INT.	HALL/LIFT	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD and JANET retreat to the hall.  Behind them a lift slowly descends 
                                                      	bearing a figure in a black cloak and a diamante stiletto heel - beating
                                                      	time to a rhythm the band has started playing.
                                                      			Brad, please lets get out of here.
                                                      			For God's sake keep a grip on yourself Janet.
                                                      			But it seems so unhealthy here.
                                                      			It's just a..a party Janet.
                                                      			Well I want to leave.
                                                      			We can't go anywhere until I get to a phone.
                                                      			Then ask the butler - or someone.
                                                      			Let's wait awhile Janet.  We don't want 
                                                      			to interfere with their celebrations.
                                                      			This isn't the Junior Chamber of 
                                                      			Commerce Brad.
                                                      			They're probably foreigners with ways 
                                                      			different from our own.  -  They may 
                                                      			do some more folk dancing.
                                                      			Brad - I'm cold, I'm wet, and plain scared.
                                                      			I'm here, there's nothing to worry about.
                                                      	GUESTS rise, staring mesmerised at the lift.
                                                      	JANET sees the shoe, looks up at the face of its owner.
                                                      	JANET faints.
                                                      GO TO COLOUR AT BEGINNING OF FOLLOWING SCENE
                                                      54	INT.	LIFT/HALL	NIGHT
                                                      	The figure turns and throws open lift cage door.  As camera zooms in to 
                                                      	the death mask above them the film changes from black and white to 
                                                      	colour.  However the only colour in evidence is the red lipstick on the 
                                                      	mouth of their host.
                                                      	SONG:		"SWEET TRANSVESTITE"
                                                      			How do you do.
                                                      			I see you've met my faithful handyman.
                                                      			He's a little brought down - 
                                                      			Because when you knocked
                                                      			He thought you were the candyman.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF scowls.
                                                      54A	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      			Don't get strung out by the way 
                                                      			that I look.
                                                      	FRANK strides across the Ballroom to the throne.
                                                      			Don't judge a book by its cover
                                                      			I'm not much of a man
                                                      			By the light of day
                                                      			But by night I'm one hell of a lover.
                                                      	JANET gives a silent scream.
                                                      	FRANK lets the cloak fall onto the throne, which reveals his 
                                                      	transvestite attire.
                                                      	The GUESTS scream with delight.
                                                      			I'm just a sweet Transvestite
                                                      			From Transexual Transylvania.
                                                      	He slowly moves back to BRAD and JANET, doing leg kicks.
                                                      			Let me show you around, maybe play you a sound
                                                      			You look like you're both pretty groovie.
                                                      	He circles them and forces them into the Ballroom.
                                                      			Or if you want something visual
                                                      			not too abysmal
                                                      			We could take in an old Steve Reeves movie.
                                                      	BRAD clumsily attempts to circle around FRANK.  FRANK meanwhile ignores 
                                                      	him and greets his other guests.
                                                      			I'm glad we caught you at home
                                                      			Ah - could we use your phone
                                                      			We're both in a bit of a hurry.
                                                      	JANET joins BRAD.
                                                      			We'll just say where we are
                                                      			Then go back to the car
                                                      			We don't want to be any worry.
                                                      	FRANK turns on them.
                                                      			You got caught with a flat
                                                      			Well how about that
                                                      			Well babies don't you panic
                                                      			By the light of the night
                                                      			It'll seem alright
                                                      			I'll get you a satanic mechanic.
                                                      	FRANK turns his back on BRAD and JANET and splitting the ranks of his 
                                                      	GUESTS, departs for the other end of the Ballroom.  Streamers fall.
                                                      			I'm just a sweet transvestite
                                                      			From Transexual Transylvania.
                                                      	From the throne he gestures towards BRAD and JANET rather slowly over 
                                                      	the next verse.
                                                      			Why dont'cha stay for the night
                                                      					RIFF & MAGENTA
                                                      			Or maybe a bite
                                                      					RIFF & MAGENTA
                                                      			I could show you my favourite obsession
                                                      			I've been making a man
                                                      			With blonde hair and a tan
                                                      			And he's good for relieving my tension.
                                                      	We view from OVERHEAD as the GUESTS surround him adoringly.
                                                      			I'm just a sweet transvestite
                                                      			From Transexual Transylvania.
                                                      	FRANK storms down the Ballroom to the lift.
                                                      			I'm just a sweet transvestite.
                                                      			"Sweet Transvestite"
                                                      			From Transexual Transylvania.
                                                      55	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      			So come up to the Lab.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      56	CHORD:  SUBLIMINAL FLASH - LABORATORY
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      57	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      					FRANK (Cont)
                                                      			And see what's on the slab.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      58	CHORD:  SUBLIMINAL FLASH - ROCKY'S BIRTH IN THE LABORATORY
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      59	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      					FRANK (Cont)
                                                      			I see you shiver with anticipation
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      60	CHORD:  SUBLIMINAL FLASH OF LOVE MAKING
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      61	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      					FRANK (Cont)
                                                      			But maybe the rain
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      62	CHORD:  FLASH - THE CAR AND THE WINDSCREEN WIPERS
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      63	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      					FRANK (Cont)
                                                      			Is really to blame
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      64	CHORD:  SUBLIMINAL FLASH - THE WEDDING
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      65	INT.	LIFT AREA
                                                      					FRANK (Cont)
                                                      			So I'll remove the cause
                                                      			But not the symptom
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      66	CHORD:  SUBLIMINAL FLASH - THE EXPLOSION
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      67	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	On the last chord the lift has disappeared.
                                                      	The GUESTS applaud ecstatically.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA close in on BRAD and JANET.  They remove BRAD and
                                                      	JANET's wet clothes.
                                                      	COLUMBIA moves down from the bandstand and crosses to BRAD and JANET.  
                                                      	She witnesses the undressing.
                                                      			Slowly, slowly.  It's too nice a job
                                                      			to rush.
                                                      	The GUESTS moan softly as each piece of clothing is removed.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET stand shivering in their underwear.
                                                      	There is complete silence.
                                                      	The GUESTS and SERVANTS are motionless.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are the total object of their attention.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      68	INT.	HALL/LIFT	NIGHT
                                                      			Oh Brad.
                                                      			It's alright Janet, we'll play along
                                                      			for now and pull out the aces when the
                                                      			time is right.
                                                      	He turns to COLUMBIA who has been staring at his underpants.
                                                      			Ah, hi.  My name is Brad Majors and
                                                      			this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss.  You
                                                      			are ...
                                                      			You are very lucky to be invited up
                                                      			to Frank's laboratory.  Some people
                                                      			would give their right arm for the
                                                      	RIFF RAFF has opened the cage doors to the lift.
                                                      	The GUESTS rush for positions.
                                                      			People like you maybe
                                                      			I've seen it.
                                                      	COLUMBIA escorts them to the lift.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF throws two GUESTS to the floor to make room for them.
                                                      	He slams the cage door.
                                                      	The two discarded GUESTS cry and claw at the cage door as the lift moves 
                                                      	off under RIFF RAFF's control.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET are squashed, arms by their side.
                                                      	They stare straight ahead.
                                                      				(to Magenta)
                                                      			It he - Frank - is he your husband?
                                                      	General amusement.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			The Master is not yet married.  Nor
                                                      			do I think he ever will be.  We are
                                                      			simply his servants.
                                                      	The lift grinds to a halt.
                                                      	They have arrived at the laboratory.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      69	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	The laboratory is somewhere between a student observation operating 
                                                      	theatre and a Greek gymnasium.  It is pink-tiled throughout, facing the 
                                                      	lift entrance is a circular area containing a TANK on pedestals which
                                                      	though screened at this stage will be revealed to contain the body of 
                                                      	ROCKY submerged in chemicals, the wall to one side contains a raised 
                                                      	dias area for the GUESTS, and facing one end of the tank, the 
                                                      	operational controls, monitor and a giant refrigerator.  A chandelier 
                                                      	hangs above the tank.
                                                      	On the podium in front of Frank's chambers there is a stand microphone.  
                                                      	Near the podium are some weights.  Behind the tank is a vaulting horse.
                                                      	These are wrapped in sellophane - Rocky's presents.
                                                      	The GUESTS are waiting as the lift arrives.
                                                      	FRANK, now in surgeon's outfit stands in the middle of the room.  RIFF 
                                                      	RAFF gets out of the lift first, with a glass of champagne which he
                                                      	hands to FRANK.
                                                      			Magenta, Columbia, go and assist Riff Raff.
                                                      	As he speaks her name each one steps forward out of the lift.  They
                                                      	cross to RIFF RAFF behind the tank.
                                                      			I will entertain...ah...
                                                      	BRAD & JANET step out of the lift.
                                                      			I'm Brad Majors and this
                                                      			is my fiancee, Janet Vice.
                                                      					FRANK (Taking Janet's hand to kiss)
                                                      			Encante....How nice.  (he circles them)
                                                      			And what charming underclothes you both have.
                                                      			(He takes two dust coats from Riff Raff 
                                                      			and hands them to Brad).
                                                      			But here, put these on.  They'll
                                                      			make you feel less vulnerable.
                                                      	MAGENTA & COLUMBIA cross to the podium.
                                                      					FRANK (continues)
                                                      			It's not often we receive visitors here.
                                                      			Let alone offer them hospitality.
                                                      					BRAD (Moving towards Frank)
                                                      			Hospitality!  All we wanted to do was 
                                                      			use your telephone.  A reasonable request 
                                                      			which you have chosen to ignore.
                                                      					JANET (Hurring after Brad)
                                                      			Don't be ungrateful Brad.
                                                      					BRAD (Stepping closer to Frank)
                                                      	The room falls silent.  All eyes are on FRANK, waiting for his reaction.  
                                                      	A smile breaks on his face.
                                                      			How forceful you are Brad.  Such a 
                                                      			perfect specimen of manhood.  So dominant.
                                                      	MAGENTA & COLUMBIA laugh.
                                                      			You must be awfully proud of him Janet.
                                                      			Well, yes I am.
                                                      	THE GUESTS oh and ah appreciatively, BRAD laughs, a little embarassed.
                                                      			Do you have any tattoos Brad.
                                                      			Certainly not!
                                                      			Oh well.  How about you.  (He laughs)
                                                      	RIFF RAFF has approached behind FRANK, looming over his shoulder.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Everything is in readiness, Master.
                                                      			We merely await your word.
                                                      	FRANK drinks his champagne then hands RIFF RAFF the empty glass.  RIFF 
                                                      	RAFF goes to the control panel and FRANK to the podium
                                                      			Tonight...One, one, one.  Can you hear 
                                                      			me at the back?
                                                      			Tonight, my unconventional conventionists.
                                                      	MAGENTA, COLUMBIA and GUESTS laugh politely.
                                                      			Tonight you are to witness a breakthrough 
                                                      			in biochemical research.
                                                      	There is a gasp from COLUMBIA, MAGENTA and GUESTS.
                                                      			And paradise is to be mine.
                                                      	GUESTS and everybody applaud.  JANET claps too, but BRAD indicates that 
                                                      	she shouldn't.
                                                      			It was strange the way it happened.
                                                      			One of those quirks of fate really.  
                                                      			One of those moments when you seem 
                                                      			irredeemably lost:  you panic; you're 
                                                      			trapped; your back's against the wall.
                                                      			There's no way out, and then suddenly, 
                                                      			you get a break.  (He cracks the bones 
                                                      			in his hand)  All the pieces seem to 
                                                      			fit into place.  What a sucker you'r 
                                                      			been. What a fool.  The answer was there
                                                      			all the time.  It took a small accident 
                                                      			to make it happen.  An accident!
                                                      	MAGENTA & COLUMBIA step forward one each side of him.
                                                      					MAGENTA & COLUMBIA (softly)
                                                      			An accident.
                                                      			That's how I discovered the secret.
                                                      			That elusive ingredient, that spark 
                                                      			that is the breath of life.
                                                      	GUESTS applaud.
                                                      					FRANK (Moving to tank)
                                                      			You see, Brad and Janet, you are fortunate.
                                                      			For tonight is the night that my beautiful
                                                      			creature is destined to be born.
                                                      	Everybody applauds.  FRANK then pulls the cover from the tank.  RIFF 
                                                      	RAFF is at the control panel.
                                                      70	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	The tank is revealed.  There is something inside it is immersed in clear 
                                                      	fluid.  The GUESTS are astonished.
                                                      			Throw open the switches on the sonic 
                                                      	RIFF RAFF flicks the switch to activate the oscilloscopes in the panel.
                                                      			And step up the reactor power input 
                                                      			three more points.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF presses a button three times then begins to unwind a wheel.
                                                      	FRANK watches excitedly from behind the tank as the chandelier is 
                                                      	lowered.  It spurts different coloured liquids into the tank.
                                                      	The liquids bubble and change colour.  The thing inside begins to look 
                                                      	like a human form.
                                                      			It's alright Janet.
                                                      	The liquids drain away.  The form begins to move.
                                                      	FRANK climbs the ladder at one end of the tank, RIFF RAFF the other.
                                                      	ROCKY HORROR sits up, raises his arms, finally stands upright with both 
                                                      	arms outstretched.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF removes the bandage from ROCKY's head.  ROCKY looks at RIFF 
                                                      	RAFF then at FRANK.  With a gasp he leaps for the chandelier above.
                                                      	At the same time RIFF RAFF is down the ladder making for the handle.  He 
                                                      	winds up the chandelier and ROCKY.
                                                      71	INT.	THE LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES.
                                                      	ROCKY HORROR with only his head unbandaged, is hanging on to the 
                                                      	chandelier which RIFF RAFF is winding upwards.
                                                      			The Sword of Damocles is
                                                      			Hanging over my head.
                                                      	FRANK runs down the ladder and kicks RIFF RAFF who starts to lower the 
                                                      	chandelier.  FRANK climbs up the other steps to meet his creation coming 
                                                      	down.  MAGENTA & COLUMBIA cross to the tank.
                                                      			And I've got the feeling
                                                      			Someone's going to be
                                                      			Cutting the thread.
                                                      			Oh, woe is me.
                                                      			My life is a misery.
                                                      			Oh, can't you see
                                                      			That I'm at the start
                                                      			Of a pretty big downer....
                                                      	As ROCKY gets level with him, FRANK lunges for him but lands inside the 
                                                      	ROCKY simultaneously abandons the chandelier, lands between MAGENTA and 
                                                      	COLUMBIA who now each have a pair of scissors with which they will snip
                                                      	his arm and leg bandages.
                                                      			I woke up this morning
                                                      			With a start
                                                      			When I fell out of bed.
                                                      					GUESTS (inc. Riff, Magenta & Columbia)
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			And left from my dreaming
                                                      			Was a feeling
                                                      			Of un-nameable dread.
                                                      			That ain't no crime
                                                      			My high is low.
                                                      			I'm dressed up
                                                      			With no place to go.
                                                      			And all I know
                                                      			Is I'm at the start
                                                      			Of a pretty big downer.
                                                      	FRANK, in the tank behind ROCKY, puts his arms round ROCKY's neck.  
                                                      	ROCKY spins away.  MAGENTA and COLUMBIA hang on to one end of his chest
                                                      	bandage so that it undoes as he goes.
                                                      					GUESTS (inc. RIFF RAFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA)
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			Oh, no no, no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			No no no, no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime -
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      	ROCKY is now unbandaged.  He strikes a pose.
                                                      	During the last sequence, FRANK climbs out of the tank onto RIFF RAFF'S 
                                                      	shoulders and purses ROCKY, but they fall.
                                                      72	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	NARRATOR reading from book.
                                                      			Rocky needed peace of mind.
                                                      			He didn't know
                                                      			He was doing just fine.
                                                      			He was the product
                                                      			Of another time.
                                                      			And as for feeling down -
                                                      			Well that's not a crime.
                                                      73	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK and RIFF RAFF are recovering from their fall.
                                                      	ROCKY makes a circuit of the GUESTS.
                                                      					GUESTS (Riff, Magenta & Columbia)
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      					ROCKY (To first group of guests)
                                                      			The sword of Damocles is
                                                      			Hanging over my head.
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      					ROCKY (To second group)
                                                      			And I've got the feeling
                                                      			Someone's going to be
                                                      			Cutting the thread.
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      					ROCKY (To third group)
                                                      			Oh, woe is me - 
                                                      			My life is a mystery.
                                                      			(To fourth group)
                                                      			Oh can't you see
                                                      			That I'm at the start
                                                      			Of a pretty big downer.
                                                      	ROCKY set off at a run as FRANK looms up again.
                                                      	(FRANK is chasing ROCKY round the lab.)
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			Oh no no no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			No no no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			No no no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      			No no no no.
                                                      			Sha la la la
                                                      			That ain't no crime -
                                                      			That ain't no crime.
                                                      	At the end of number, ROCKY has climbed up the ladder attached to the 
                                                      	end of the tank nearest the bridal chambers and FRANK is in a heap 
                                                      	below.  RIFF RAFF is behind the tank and MAGENTA and COLUMBIA in their 
                                                      	positions in front of it.
                                                      74	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK picks himself up.  ROCKY is sitting at the top of the ladder above 
                                                      	him, with his perfect limbs near Frank's face.
                                                      			Well.  That's no way to
                                                      			behave on your first day out.
                                                      	ROCKY looks hurt.
                                                      			But as you're such an
                                                      			exceptional beauty I'm
                                                      			prepared to forgive.
                                                      	FRANK crosses behind ROCKY to stand next to RIFF RAFF behind the tank.
                                                      			I just love success.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF (edging up to Frank)
                                                      			He is a credit to your
                                                      			genius, Master.
                                                      					MAGENTA (Moving to tank from controls)
                                                      			A triumph of your vill.
                                                      					COLUMBIA (Who is on opposite side of tank)
                                                      			He's o.k.
                                                      			O.K?  (Moving out behind tank towards 
                                                      			Janet and Brad)  I think we can do a 
                                                      			little better than that.
                                                      			You.  (To Janet)  What do you think?
                                                      			Well.  (She looks at Brad)  I don't 
                                                      			like men with...er, with too many, muscles.
                                                      			I didn't make him for you
                                                      	JANET nods hastily.  FRANK moves towards microphone.
                                                      			He carries the Charles Atlas seal of 
                                                      			approval....And he didn't even take 
                                                      			the lessons.
                                                      74A	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		CHARLES ATLAS (Pt. 1)
                                                      	As FRANK starts to sing, MAGENTA & RIFF RAFF collect one of ROCKY's 
                                                      	presents, the vaulting horse, and place it in front of the podium.
                                                      	COLUMBIA leads ROCKY down from the ladder.
                                                      			A weakling weighing
                                                      			Ninety eight pounds
                                                      			Will get sand in his face
                                                      			When kicked to the ground.
                                                      			And soon in the gym (ROCKY sits on horse)
                                                      			With a determined chin
                                                      			The sweat from his pores
                                                      			As he works for his ca-ha-hause
                                                      	MAGENTA & RIFF RAFF now bring the weights.
                                                      			Will make him glisten - thank you -
                                                      			And gleam.
                                                      			And with massage
                                                      			And just a little bit of
                                                      			He'll be pink.
                                                      			And quite clean.
                                                      			He'll be a strong man -
                                                      			Oh honey -
                                                      					GUESTS, RIFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA & FRANK.
                                                      			But the wrong man.
                                                      			He'll eat nutritious high protein
                                                      			And swallow raw eggs.
                                                      			Try to build up his shoulders,
                                                      			His chest, arms and legs.
                                                      			Such an effort -
                                                      			If he only knew of my plan.
                                                      			In just seven days,
                                                      					GUESTS, RIFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA & FRANK
                                                      			I can make you a ma-aa-a-a-an
                                                      	ROCKY throws down the weights and begins press ups.
                                                      			He'll do press-ups and chin-ups,
                                                      			Do the snatch, clean and jerk.
                                                      	FRANK crosses to JANET & BRAD
                                                      			He thinks dynamic tension
                                                      			Must be hard work.
                                                      			Such strenuous living
                                                      			I just don't understand.
                                                      	FRANK moves back to ROCKY who is still pressing up.
                                                      			When, in just seven days -
                                                      			Oh baby...(ROCKY jumps up.)
                                                      			I can make you
                                                      			A ma-a-a-a-an...(laugh).
                                                      75	INT.	LABORATORY: REFRIGERATOR	NIGHT
                                                      	The large refrigeration unit door slowly opens, falling like a 
                                                      	drawbridge.  Inside is a wall of ice and many CocaCola bottles.
                                                      	Through these bursts an icy EDDIE riding a Harley Davidson motor bike, 
                                                      	ex World War II, holding a Gibson guitar.
                                                      	Several guests are crushed to death.
                                                      			Stay cool baby.
                                                      			Who's Eddie?
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			The delivery boy.
                                                      			His delivery wasn't good enough though.
                                                      	ROCKY looks terrified.
                                                      	JANET has fainted yet again.
                                                      	EDDIE comes to life.
                                                      76	SONG:		"WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SATURDAY NIGHT"
                                                      			Whatever happened to Saturday night
                                                      			When you dressed up sharp
                                                      			And you felt alright
                                                      			It don't seem the same since cosmic light
                                                      			Came into my life and I thought I was divine.
                                                      	COLUMBIA leaps on to the pillion seat.
                                                      			I used to go for a ride with a chick who'd go
                                                      			And listen to the music on the radio.
                                                      	The MOTORCYCLISTS GUESTS remember only too well.
                                                      			A saxophone was blowing on a rock and roll show
                                                      			And we climbed in the back
                                                      			And we really had a good time
                                                      	COLUMBIA rushes to the switchboard, flicks a lighting switch and all the 
                                                      	lights above the stairs start changing colour.
                                                      	The GUESTS go crazy and rock and roll all over the staircase.
                                                      	COLUMBIA dances with EDDIE.
                                                      	Even RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA step it out.
                                                      			Hot patootie
                                                      			Bless my soul
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll
                                                      			(four times)
                                                      	EDDIE (more confident, less frozen) leaps onto the motorbike in a legs 
                                                      	apart guitar strumming pose.
                                                      	FRANK is getting furious.
                                                      	ROCKY is perplexed.
                                                      			My head used to swim
                                                      			From the perfume I smelled.
                                                      			My hands kind of fumbled
                                                      			With her white plastic belt.
                                                      			I'd taster her baby pink lipstick,
                                                      			And that's when I'd melt.
                                                      			And she'd whisper in my ear,
                                                      			Tonight she really was mine.
                                                      			Get back in front and put
                                                      			Some hair oil on.
                                                      			Buddy Holly was singing
                                                      			His very last song.
                                                      			With your arms around your girl
                                                      			You tried to - ah - sing along
                                                      			It felt pretty good, whoo.
                                                      			Really had a good ti-i-ime.
                                                      	EDDIE slips onto the pedal starting the bike.  He takes off and roars 
                                                      	round the laboratory, even riding up and down the walls.
                                                      			Hot patootie
                                                      			Bless my soul.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie
                                                      			Bless my soul.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie
                                                      			Bless my soul.
                                                      			You know I love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie
                                                      			Bless my soul.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      	4 bars instrumental (saxophone)
                                                      	FRANK steals towards the fridge where he collects an ice pick, 
                                                      					ALL			EDDIE
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE -
                                                      			Bless my soul.		BLESS MY SO-O-OUL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE
                                                      			Bless my soul.		I LOVE THAT ROCK & ROLL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE...
                                                      			Bless my soul.		I LOVE THAT ROCK & ROLL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE...
                                                      			Bless my soul.		BLESS MY SO-O-OUL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE..
                                                      			Bless my soul.		I REALLY LOVE THAT ROCK & ROLL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE...
                                                      			Bless my soul.		BLESS MY SO-O-OOOUUL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE
                                                      			Bless my soul.		I LOVE THAT ROCK & ROLL.
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      			Hot patootie		HOT PATOOTIE
                                                      			Bless my soul.		I LOVE-A-LOVE-A-LOVE-A
                                                      			I really love that rock and roll.
                                                      							THAT ROCK AND ROO-AHOUL!
                                                      	On the last chorus FRANK rushes to EDDIE with the ice pick, in a 
                                                      	demented fury.
                                                      	THE GUESTS are unbelieving.
                                                      	COLUMBIA covers her face with her hands.
                                                      	EDDIE is dead.  FRANK walks away from his body unconcerned.
                                                      	JANET screams and screams.
                                                      77	INT.	LAB	NIGHT
                                                      	DIALOGUE SEQUENCE
                                                      	MAGENTA is very bored and picking up ice cubes and placing them in the 
                                                      	ice bucket.
                                                      			One from the vaults.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF drags EDDIE's dismembered body back into the fridge.
                                                      			And so perish all those who reject my love!
                                                      	ROCKY cowers in terror.
                                                      			Oh no, my little Adonis -
                                                      			You're much too beautiful to be destroyed.
                                                      			He had a certain naive charm - but no muscle.
                                                      	ROCKY flexes.
                                                      	FRANK is thrilled.
                                                      78	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      			But a deltoid
                                                      			And a bicep,
                                                      			A hot groin
                                                      			And a tricep
                                                      			Makes me - ooh -
                                                      			Makes me want
                                                      			To take
                                                      			Charles Atlas
                                                      			By the ha-and.
                                                      			In just seven days -
                                                      			Oh baby -
                                                      					GUESTS, RIFF RAFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA & FRANK
                                                      			I can make you a
                                                      			I don't want no dissension
                                                      			Just dynamic tension.
                                                      			In just seven days
                                                      			I can make you
                                                      			A ma-ha-ha-ha-haan.
                                                      			In just seven days
                                                      			I can make you
                                                      			A ma-ha-ha-ha-haaan.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      79	INT.	BRIDAL SUITE	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF presses a button and a wall opens revealing a bridal suite 
                                                      	done out in black silk.
                                                      	The GUESTS shout their approval.
                                                      	The end of the SONG turns into Mendelssohn's wedding march and FRANK 
                                                      	leads ROCKY to his bridal chamber.
                                                      	The GUESTS throw confetti.
                                                      	BRAD and JANET look at each other in amazement.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      80	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      			There are some people who say that life
                                                      			is an illusion, and that reality is simply
                                                      			a figment of our imaginations!  If this
                                                      			is so, then Brad and Janet are quite safe.
                                                      			However, the sudden departure of their
                                                      			host and his creation (into the seclusion
                                                      			of his sombre bridal suite) had left them
                                                      			feeling both apprehensive and uneasy.
                                                      			A feeling which grew as the other guests
                                                      			'departed' and 'they' were shown to their
                                                      			separate rooms.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      81	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET looks lost.
                                                      	She sits on the end of the bed.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      82	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD looks lost.
                                                      	He examines the TV monitor.
                                                      83	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA by the monitor.
                                                      	They switch from channel to channel.
                                                      	We see BRAD looking at the TV monitor.
                                                      	And JANET sitting on the end of the bed.
                                                      	JANET lies back on the bed and switches off her bedside lamp.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA smile at each other.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      84	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	Only a soft glow of moonlight from a barred window.  ON the netting
                                                      	round her bed.
                                                      	There is a knock at the door.
                                                      	JANET sits p.
                                                      			Who is it?  Who's there?
                                                      	BRAD's voice from behind the door.
                                                      					BRAD'S VOICE
                                                      			It's only me, Janet.
                                                      	She relaxes.
                                                      			Oh, Brad, come in, darling.
                                                      	A silhouette enters and crosses to the bed.  It moves onto the bed
                                                      	behind the net curtain.
                                                      			Oh Brad - Mmmm - Oh yes, my darling -
                                                      			what if...
                                                      			It's alright Janet.  Everything's going
                                                      			to be alright.
                                                      			Oh, I hope so my darling.  But let me
                                                      			switch on the light.
                                                      			No, don't do that.
                                                      			Oh don't be so shy.
                                                      	She switches on the light to reveal FRANK.
                                                      	FRANK sits up.
                                                      			I'm afraid so, Janet.  But isn't it nice?
                                                      	JANET beats his chest with her clenched fists.
                                                      			You beast, you monster, what have you
                                                      			done with Brad?
                                                      			Nothing.  Why, do you think I should?
                                                      			You tricked me - I wouldn't have -
                                                      			I've never - never
                                                      			I know.  But it wasn't all bad was it?
                                                      			In fact, I think you found it quite pleasurable.
                                                      			Mmmmm so soft, so sensual.
                                                      	He re-commences making love to her.
                                                      			Oh - Oh - no - stop - I mean help.
                                                      			I - Brad - Oh.
                                                      				(she shouts)
                                                      	FRANK places a finger on her lips.
                                                      			Ssssh.  Brad's probably asleep by now.  
                                                      			Do you want him to see you like this?
                                                      			Like this - like how?  It's your fault.
                                                      			You're to blame.
                                                      			I was saving myself.
                                                      			Well, I'm sure you're not spent yet.
                                                      	He switches off the light.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      85	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA stare intently at the screen.
                                                      	They smile at each other.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      86	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	Silhouette of FRANK and JANET making love.
                                                      			Promise you won't tell Brad.
                                                      			Cross my heart and hope to die.
                                                      	JANET squeals with excitement.
                                                      								DISSOLVE TO
                                                      87	INT.	BRIDAL SUITE ADJOINING LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	We see ROCKY chained to the bed sleeping.
                                                      	In the background RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA in laboratory.
                                                      	ROCKY stirs and makes a sound.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF walks across to the door and stares at the sleeping body.
                                                      	His eyes are full of hate.
                                                      	He looks at MAGENTA.
                                                      	She nods to him.
                                                      	He releases the chains.
                                                      	ROCKY stirs.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF picks up a candelabra from the bedside table and taunts ROCKY.
                                                      	ROCKY jumps out of the bed, terrified.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF pushes the candelabra in his face.
                                                      	ROCKY crashes through the laboratory and escapes.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF turns to MAGENTA who is now standing in the doorway.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF puts down the candelabra and they exchange a strange sign.
                                                      								DISSOLVE TO
                                                      88	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	A knock at the door.
                                                      	BRAD opens it cautiously.
                                                      	A shadowy figure moves across the room to the bed.
                                                      					JANET'S VOICE
                                                      			Oh Brad, it's no good here.  It will
                                                      			destroy us.
                                                      	BRAD takes her hand.
                                                      			Don't worry Janet, we'll be away
                                                      			from here in the morning.  Hmmmm,
                                                      			you smell so good.
                                                      	He gently lays her down on the bed and attempts to caress her.
                                                      			Oh Brad.  Oh no.  Not till after
                                                      			the wedding, Darling.
                                                      	BRAD sits up.
                                                      			Alright, Janet.  I understand.
                                                      	The shadow rolls over.
                                                      			Maybe we could try it this way.
                                                      			Janet!  Oh!  Yes it's alright.  Janet.
                                                      			Everything's going to be alright.
                                                      			I hope so my darling.
                                                      	BRAD reaches out to the light.
                                                      			No, don't put on the l...
                                                      	BRAD switches on the bedside lamp an realises he is making love to
                                                      	FRANK wearing a JANET wig.
                                                      			I'm afraid so, Brad.  But wasn't it nice?
                                                      	BRAD grabs FRANK around the throat.
                                                      			Why you - what have you done with Janet?
                                                      			Nothing.  Why do you think I should?
                                                      	BRAD lets him go and turns away humiliated.
                                                      			You tricked me.  I wouldn't have -
                                                      			I've never - never.
                                                      			I know, but it wasn't all bad was it?
                                                      			I think you found it quite pleasurable.
                                                      				(he caresses Brad)
                                                      			Oh so soft.  So sensual.
                                                      			Ahhh - no - stop - I mean Janet.
                                                      			Shush.  Janet's probably asleep by now.
                                                      			Do you want her to see you like this?
                                                      			Like this.
                                                      				(throwing Frank aside)
                                                      			Like how?  It's your fault - you're to
                                                      			blame.  I thought it was the real thing.
                                                      			Oh come on, Brad, admit it.  It was
                                                      			enjoyable, wasn't it?  There's no crime
                                                      			in giving yourself over to pleasure.
                                                      					FRANK (Switches off light)
                                                      			Oh Brad, you have wasted so much time
                                                      			already.  Janet needn't know, I won't tell her.
                                                      			You promise you won't tell?
                                                      			On my mother's grave.
                                                      	Suddenly the shadows are illuminated by the monitor as an image of
                                                      	RIFF RAFF appears on the screen above the bed.
                                                      89	TV MONITOR
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Master, Rocky has broken his chains
                                                      			and vanished.  The new playmate is loose
                                                      			and in the castle ground.  Magenta has
                                                      			just released the dogs.
                                                      90	FRAN'S SILHOUETTE THROUGH NET CURTAINS.
                                                      	FRANK is getting carried away.
                                                      			I'm coming.
                                                      91	EXT.	CASTLE GROUNDS.	NIGHT.	
                                                      	A shot of pack of huge alsations careereing around the castle grounds.
                                                      	They are chasing a bewildered Rocky.
                                                      								WIPE TO.
                                                      92	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET is lying on the bed posed in the style of a "True Romance" comic
                                                      			What's happening here?  Where's Brad?
                                                      			Where's anybody?
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92A	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD is posed in the style of a "True Romance" comic hero.  He is
                                                      	nervous and smoking.  Behind him FRANK is asleep on the bed.
                                                      			Once in a while she don't want to call you
                                                      			Speaking on the telephone
                                                      			Once in your life she won't want to know you
                                                      			You look around
                                                      			The one you've found
                                                      			She is gone.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92B	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET is sitting on the end of the bed.
                                                      			I'm engaged to Brad just the same as
                                                      			Betty Monroe was to Ralph Hapschatt.
                                                      			But Frank's kisses overwhelmed me with
                                                      			an ecstacy I've never dreamt of before.
                                                      			Hot, burning kisses.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92C	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      			And that's all the time that it takes
                                                      			For a heart to turn to stone
                                                      			The sweeter the wine
                                                      			The harder to make the break
                                                      			You hear something about someone
                                                      			You'd thought you'd known.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92D	INT.	JANET'S ROOM (RED FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET is at the door.
                                                      			I could see Brad's face before me and my
                                                      			mind screamed No!  But my lips were hungry -
                                                      			too hungry.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92E	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      			So baby don't cry like there's no tomorrow
                                                      			After the night there's a brand new day.
                                                      			And there'll be no pain
                                                      			And no more sorrow.
                                                      			So wash your face
                                                      			And phone my place
                                                      			It'll be O.K.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92F	INT.	CORRIDOR (RED FILTER - OAKLEY COURT)	NIGHT
                                                      			I wanted to be loved completely.
                                                      			My body throbbed excitedly.  Oh Brad,
                                                      			Brad my darling, how could I have
                                                      			done this to you?
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92G	INT.	BRAD'S ROOM (BLUE FILTER)	NIGHT
                                                      			And that's all the time that it takes
                                                      			For a heart to beat again.
                                                      			So give me a sign
                                                      			That a lover makes
                                                      			You look around
                                                      			The one you've found
                                                      			Is back again.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      92H	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      			If only we hadn't made this journey.
                                                      			If only the car hadn't broken down.
                                                      			If only we were amongst friends or sane persons.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      93	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	The NARRATOR is leaning back in his armchair, cool and considerate.
                                                      			"If" and "Only", two small words.  Words
                                                      			which kept repeating themselves again and
                                                      			again in Janet's thoughts.  But it was too
                                                      			late to go back now.  It was as if she were
                                                      			riding a giant tidal wave.  It would be folly
                                                      			to fight against it.  Her only chance would
                                                      			be to ride it out - adapt - and perhaps also
                                                      			to survive.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      94	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET is pacing around the tank which is covered by a cloth.  She
                                                      	becomes aware of the sound of someone crying inside.  She pulls the
                                                      	cloth back to reveal ROCKY lying in the tank - exhausted and bleeding.
                                                      	ROCKY HORROR looks miserable.
                                                      			Yes.  There you see it's instinctive.
                                                      			This room is your womb.  You returned
                                                      			here for one thing - security.
                                                      	JANET crosses to the TV monitor.
                                                      			Oh Brad!  What have they done with him?
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      95	TV MONITOR
                                                      	She switches on the monitor.
                                                      	She changes the channels on the monitor getting various empty rooms
                                                      	in the castle.
                                                      	Occasional shot of alsatian dogs.
                                                      	Till finally she switches into BRAD's bedroom and sees BRAD sitting on
                                                      	the end of the bed and FRANK lying asleep on the bed.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      96	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	ROCKY smiles helplessly.
                                                      	JANET moves away from the monitor and back to ROCKY.
                                                      			Oh Brad.  How could you?
                                                      				(she sees Rocky's wounds)
                                                      			Oh, but you're hurt.  Did they do this
                                                      			to you?
                                                      	ROCKY nods.
                                                      			Here, lie down.  I'll dress your wounds.
                                                      	ROCKY smiles at JANET.
                                                      	A new expression crosses her face.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      97	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      				(reads from a dictionary)
                                                      			"Emotion".  Mental agitation - an excited
                                                      			state of.
                                                      				(he looks up)
                                                      			It is also an irrational and powerful master
                                                      			and from what Janet had witnessed on the
                                                      			monitor, there seemed to be little doubt that
                                                      			she was indeed its slave.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      98	INT.	COLUMBIA'S ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	COLUMBIA and MAGENTA are watching the monitor.
                                                      					COLUMBIA & MAGENTA
                                                      			Tell us about it, Janet.
                                                      	They giggle.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      99	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		"TOUCH A TOUCH ME"
                                                      	ROCKY is lying on the operating table.
                                                      	JANET is dabbing his wounds.
                                                      			I was feeling done in
                                                      			Couldn't win
                                                      			I'd only ever kissed before
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      100	INT.	COLUMBIA'S ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	COLUMBIA and MAGENTA.
                                                      				(to Magenta)
                                                      			You mean she only ever kissed?
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      101	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET rips off a piece of her petticoat for a bandage.
                                                      			I thought there's no use getting
                                                      			Into heavy petting.
                                                      	She rips off another piece of her petticoat.
                                                      			It only leads to trouble
                                                      			And seat wetting.
                                                      	JANET rips another piece off her fast vanishing petticoat.
                                                      	During the next verse she bandages ROCKY.
                                                      			Now all I want to know
                                                      			Is how to go
                                                      			I've tasted blood
                                                      			And I want more
                                                      			I'll put up no resistance
                                                      			I want to stay the distance
                                                      			I've got an itch to scratch
                                                      			And I need assistance.
                                                      	JANET grabs ROCKY's hands and places them on her.
                                                      			Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me.
                                                      			I wanna be dirty.
                                                      			Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me.
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      			Then if anything grows (she laughs)
                                                      			While you pose,
                                                      			I'll oil you up
                                                      			And rub you down
                                                      					RIFF RAFF, MAGENTA, COLUMBIA
                                                      			Down, down down.
                                                      			And that's just one small fraction
                                                      			Of the main attraction
                                                      			You need a friendly hand.
                                                      			Oh, and I need action.
                                                      			Touch-a touch-a touch-a, touch me.
                                                      			I wanna be dirty.
                                                      			Thrill me, chil me, fulfil me.
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      102	INT.	COLUMBIA'S ROOM
                                                      	COLUMBIA & MAGENTA are watching the TV relay of ROCKY & JANET.
                                                      	They are amused by JANET'S inexperience, parodying her as they sing.
                                                      			Touch-a touch-a touch-a, touch me.
                                                      			I wanna be dirty.
                                                      			Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me.
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      			Oh, touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me.
                                                      			I wanna be dirty.
                                                      			Thrill me chill me, fulfil me - oh -
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      			Creature of the ni-i-ight.
                                                      	We see JANET's p.o.v. of all the characters singing the last line:
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103A	B.C.S. BRAD
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103B	B.C.S. FRANK
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103C	B.C.S. COLUMBIA
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103D	B.C.S. RIFF RAFF
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103E	B.C.S. MAGENTA
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103F	B.C.S. ROCKY
                                                      			Creature of the night.
                                                      103G	B.C.S. JANET
                                                      			Creature of the night.  Oh.
                                                      104	INT.	COLUMBIA'S ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	COLUMBIA & MAGENTA's reactions.
                                                      105	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET & ROCKY in each other's arms hear another scream in the distance.
                                                      106	INT.	CORRIDOR OUTSIDE LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK is chasing RIFF RAFF with a whip.  BRAD is following.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF rushes into the lift and presses the button desperately but
                                                      	FRANK follows him and so does BRAD.  We see the lift descending.
                                                      107	INT.	LABORATORY.	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF slides across the laboratory floor escaping FRANK's whip.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Aaaargh!  Mercy.
                                                      			How did it happen?  I understood you
                                                      			were to be watching.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF gets to his feet keeping a careful eye on the whip hand.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			I was only away for a minute Master.
                                                      			Well, see if you can find him on the monitor.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      108	TV MONITOR
                                                      	RIFF RAFF switches channels on the monitor.
                                                      	An image of a middle-aged professorial man in a wheelchair appears.
                                                      	The man is outside the castle, peering around the trees stealthily.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      109	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Master, we have a visitor.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      110	TV MONITOR
                                                      	FRANK and BRAD crowd around the monitor.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      111	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      			Great scott - Scotty - Dr Everett Scott.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			You know this earth - this person.
                                                      			I most certainly do.  He happens to
                                                      			be an old friend of mine.
                                                      			I see.  So this wasn't simply a chance
                                                      			meeting.  You came here with a purpose.
                                                      			I told you, my car broke down.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      112	TV MONITOR
                                                      	On the monitor the stranger looks very shifty.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      113	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK looks BRAD hard in the eye.
                                                      			I was telling the truth.
                                                      			I know what you told me, Brad.
                                                      			But this Dr Everett Scott.  His name
                                                      			is not unknown to me.
                                                      			He was a Science Teacher at Denton High.
                                                      			And now he works for your Government,
                                                      			doesn't he, Brad?  He's attached to the
                                                      			Bureau of Investigation of that which
                                                      			you call U.F.O's.  Isn't he, Brad?
                                                      			He might be.  I don't know.
                                                      			Hmmmm.  He'll be in the Zen Room.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      114	TV MONITOR
                                                      	DR SCOTT is indeed in the Zen Room.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      115	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      			Well, let's ask him.
                                                      	FRANK throws a switch marked "TRIPLE CONTACT ELECTRO MAGNET".
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      116	EXT/INT.	VARIOUS LOCALES	NIGHT
                                                      	We see DR SCOTT's wheelchair screaming through corridors, rooms and
                                                      	doors and ends up clamped to the electro magnet in the laboratory.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      117	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	BRAD is amazed.
                                                      			Dr. Scott!
                                                      	DR EVERETT SCOTT is even more amazed.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			Brad!  What are you doing here?
                                                      	FRANK releases the electro magnet.
                                                      	The wheelchair hits the floor.
                                                      			Don't play games, Dr Scott.  You know
                                                      			very well what Brad Majors's doing here.
                                                      			It was part of your plan was it not that he,
                                                      			and his female, should check the layout
                                                      			for you.  Well, unfortunately for you all
                                                      			there's to be a change of plans.  I'm sure
                                                      			you're adaptable, Dr Scott.  I know Brad is.
                                                      	BRAD looks embarrassed and humiliated.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			I can assure you that Brad's presence
                                                      			comes as a complete surprise to me.
                                                      			I came to find Eddie.
                                                      			Eddie?  I've seen him.  He's...
                                                      	FRANK cuts in quickly.
                                                      			Eddie?  What do you know of Eddie,
                                                      			Dr Scott?
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			I happen to know a great deal about a
                                                      			lot of things.  You see Eddie happens
                                                      			to be my nephew.
                                                      			Dr Scott.
                                                      	A stifled gasp is heard from JANET behind the curtain.
                                                      	FRANK is surprised.
                                                      	FRANK crosses the screen and pulls back the curtain to reveal
                                                      	JANET and ROCKY.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			Dr Scott!
                                                      	ROCKY reviles FRANK with a look.  He puts his arm around JANET.
                                                      	FRANK is appalled.
                                                      			Listen!  I made you, and I can break
                                                      			you just as easily.
                                                      	ROCKY is terrified.  He takes his arm away from JANET.
                                                      			That's better.
                                                      	A GONG is heard.  MAGENTA comes through the broken tiles.
                                                      			Master, dinner is prepared.
                                                      	FRANK & RIFF RAFF exchange a look.
                                                      			Excellent.  (moves to Dr. Scott)
                                                      			Doctor Scott you can sample the
                                                      			speciality of the house - roast
                                                      			loin of pork.
                                                      	He gives JANET, who is virtually naked, a seering look.
                                                      			Under the circumstances, formal
                                                      			dress is to be optional.
                                                      	FRANK leads the way to the lift.
                                                      118	INT.	THE STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      			Food has always played a vital role
                                                      			in life's rituals.  The breaking of
                                                      			bread - the last meal of the condemned
                                                      			man - and now this meal.  However
                                                      			informal it might appear you can be
                                                      			sure there was to be very little
                                                      119	INT.	DINING ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	At the head of a large coffin shaped table sits FRANK.  There is an 
                                                      	electric carver on the table in front of him.  The table is laid for 
                                                      	dinner and present are JANET & BRAD on FRANK's right, DR. SCOTT opposite 
                                                      	him, ROCKY HORROR on Dr. Scott's right and between ROCKY and FRANK, 
                                                      	COLUMBIA.  They sit in silence as the double doors open.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA enter.  RIFF RAFF carries a large joint of meat, 
                                                      	MAGENTA the wine, both of which they set down at the head of the table.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA pour out the wine and return to the side of FRONT 
                                                      	who then rises.
                                                      			A toast to absent friends.
                                                      			Absent friends.
                                                      	FRANK now proceeds to carve the meat.  Everyone is quiet and only the 
                                                      	buzzing of the electric carver is heard.  RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA distribute 
                                                      	the slices, then return to their places.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			We came here to discuss Eddie.
                                                      					FRANK (Silencing her with a gesture)
                                                      			It's a rather tender subject....
                                                      			Another slice anyone.
                                                      	Everybody looks at their food carefully.
                                                      	COLUMBIA rises.
                                                      			Excuse me.
                                                      	She rushes from from the room with a ghastly cry.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT (turning aside)
                                                      			I knew he was in with a bad crowd.  But it
                                                      			was worse than I imagined...(He turns back)
                                                      	BRAD & JANET look at each other, then at DR. SCOTT.
                                                      					BRAD & JANET
                                                      			Dr. Scott!
                                                      			Go on, Dr. Scott - or should I say
                                                      			doctor von Scott.
                                                      			What exactly are you implying?
                                                      	FRANK threatens him with the knife.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			That's alright Brad.
                                                      			But Doctor Scott...
                                                      	DR. SCOTT silences BRAD with a gesture.
                                                      120	SONG:		"EDDIE'S TEDDY"
                                                      	SCOTT picks up some meat on a fork and regards it.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			From the day he was born,
                                                      			he was trouble.
                                                      			He was the thorn
                                                      			In his mutter's side.
                                                      			She tried in vain.
                                                      121	INT.	THE STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      			But he never caused her
                                                      			Nothing but shame.
                                                      122/	INT.	DINING ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	DR. SCOTT produces scrapbook, opening it at a picture of Eddie's mother.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			He left home the day she died.
                                                      			From the day she was gone
                                                      			All he wanted
                                                      	DR. SCOTT turns page to a picture of a record of Elvis, singing Teddy 
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Was rock and roll,
                                                      	He turns the page to porno. magazine.
                                                      	He turns page to show an advertisement for Harley Davidson.
                                                      			Und a motorbike.
                                                      	He turns to a still of Eddie as an addict
                                                      			Shooting up junk
                                                      	He turns to reveal a newspaper clipping "Thug bashes woman, 66".
                                                      			He was a low down
                                                      			Cheap little punk.
                                                      	Turns the page to Eddie's mug shot.
                                                      			Taking everyone for a ride.
                                                      	The page turns again revealing the lyrics.
                                                      			When Eddie said
                                                      			He didn't like his teddy
                                                      			You knew he was a no good kid.
                                                      			But when he threatened your life
                                                      			With a switch blade knife
                                                      			What a guy
                                                      			Makes you cry
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Und I did.
                                                      134/	INT.	COLUMBIA'S ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	She has a large portrait of EDDIE on the wall.
                                                      	She is lighting the candles on her dressing table.
                                                      			Everybody shoved him,
                                                      			I very nearly loved him.
                                                      			I said, hey listen to me,
                                                      			Stay sane inside insanity.
                                                      			But he locked the door
                                                      			And threw away the key.
                                                      	She collapses in tears.
                                                      136/	INT.	DINING ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Making him warn, me,
                                                      			In a note
                                                      	DR. SCOTT produces the note.
                                                      			Which reads.
                                                      			What's it say,
                                                      			What's it say?
                                                      138	INSERT EDDIE'S NOTE
                                                      					EDDIE (VO)
                                                      			I'm out of my head
                                                      			Oh hurry, or I may be dead.
                                                      			They mustn't carry out their evil deeds,
                                                      139	INT.	DINING ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	DR. SCOTT's hands tremble with the note.  JANET & BRAD are now standing
                                                      	one each side of him.
                                                      			When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy
                                                      			You knew he was a no good kid.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Und when he threatened your life
                                                      			With a switch blade knife
                                                      			What guy
                                                      			Makes you cry
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Und I did.
                                                      140	B.C.S. TEDDY as DR. SCOTT produces it.
                                                      141	INT.	DINING ROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	EDDIE'S TEDDY:  REPRISE
                                                      			When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy
                                                      			You knew he was a no good kid.
                                                      			But when he threatened your life
                                                      			With a switch blade knife
                                                      			What a guy
                                                      			Woe woe woe
                                                      			Makes you cry
                                                      			Hey hey hey
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Und I did
                                                      	FRANK suddenly pulls away the tablecloth to reveal a glass coffin
                                                      	containing the decomposed remains of EDDIE.
                                                      142	INT.	DINING ROOM/HALL/STAIRS
                                                      	RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA laugh.  JANET screams and runs to ROCKY who hugs 
                                                      	her.  BRAD looks shocked.  DR. SCOTT wheels back his wheelchair in 
                                                      	disgust, FRANK moves d.s. towards ROCKY.
                                                      			Oh Rocky, how could you!
                                                      	JANET runs out, FRANK in pursuit.
                                                      	ROCKY smiles wanly.
                                                      	Encouraged by this, FRANK smashes JANET across the face with the back of 
                                                      	his hand.
                                                      			I'll tell you once,
                                                      			Won't tell you twice
                                                      			You'd better wise up
                                                      			Janet Weiss.
                                                      			Y'apple pie
                                                      			Don't taste too nice
                                                      			You'd better wise up Janet Weiss.
                                                      	She runs out of room.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      143	INT.	CORRIDOR	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET runs down corridor - FRANK following her.
                                                      			I've laid the seed
                                                      			It should be all you need.
                                                      	BRAD appears, pushing DR SCOTT, in hot pursuit.
                                                      			You're as sensual
                                                      			As a pencil
                                                      			Wound up like an 'E' or first string
                                                      	JANET arrives at door of laboratory - she can't open it.
                                                      	FRANK arrives face to face.
                                                      			When we made it
                                                      			Did ya hear a bell ring?
                                                      	The door opens - they fall through.
                                                      	The door slams in DR SCOTT's face.
                                                      144	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET rushes in, down the ramp, with FRANK in pursuit.
                                                      			Y'got a block,
                                                      			Take my advice.
                                                      			You'd better wise up,
                                                      			Janet Weiss.
                                                      	DR. SCOTT & BRAD arrive in the lift.  FRANK has circled the tank and 
                                                      	arrived at the control panel.
                                                      			The transducer (He slams the handle)
                                                      			Will seduce yah.
                                                      	DR. SCOTT, BRAD & JANET find they are stuck to the floor.
                                                      			My feet - I can' move my feet.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			My wheels - My God, I can't
                                                      			move my wheels.
                                                      			It's as if we were glued to the spot.
                                                      			You are - so quake with fear,
                                                      			you tiny fools.
                                                      			We're trapped.
                                                      					FRANK (Moving to her)
                                                      			It's something you'll
                                                      			Get used to.
                                                      			A mental mind fuck
                                                      			Can be nice.
                                                      	FRANK climbs up the ladder beside the tank.
                                                      	(music under this dialogue)
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			You won't find earth people quite
                                                      			the easy mark you imagine.  This
                                                      			sonic transducer - it is, I suppose,
                                                      			some kind of audio-vibratory,
                                                      			physiomolecular transport device....
                                                      			You mean...
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Yes Brad.  It's something we ourselves
                                                      			have been working on.  But it
                                                      			seems our friend here has found a
                                                      			way of perfecting it.  A device
                                                      			which is capable of breaking down
                                                      			solid matter and then projecting it
                                                      			through space, and - who knows -
                                                      			perhaps even time itself!
                                                      			You mean he's gonna send us to
                                                      			another planet?
                                                      	FRANK leaps off the tank to the floor.
                                                      	FRANK circles JANET, testing her thighs.  BRAD struggles in vain.
                                                      			You'd better wise up,
                                                      			Janet Weiss.
                                                      			You'd better wise up,
                                                      			Build your thighs up.
                                                      			You'd better wise up.
                                                      145	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      			Then she cries out -
                                                      146	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		"HOT DOG"
                                                      	JANET screams out.
                                                      	She cried so loudly that FRANK staggers backwards towards the control
                                                      	RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA enter through the hole in the tiles - they march
                                                      	to behind the tank and then the control panel.
                                                      					FRANK (singing)
                                                      			Don't get hot and flustered -
                                                      			Use a bit of mustard.
                                                      			You're a hot dog
                                                      			But you'd better not
                                                      			Try to hurt her,
                                                      			Frank Furter.
                                                      	FRANK signals to MAGENTA.
                                                      	BCS MAGENTA's hand on the transducer switch.
                                                      	BRAD is turned into a statute.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			You're a hot dog
                                                      			But you'd better not
                                                      			Try to hurt her,
                                                      			Frank Furter.
                                                      	FRANK signals, cut to the switch as it is turned on.
                                                      	DR. SCOTT is a statue.
                                                      			You're a hot dog...
                                                      	FRANK signals.  C.S. SWITCH.
                                                      	JANET is stone.
                                                      147	INT.	LABORATORY	NIGHT
                                                      	DIALOGUE SEQUENCE.
                                                      			My God!  I can't take any more of this - 
                                                      			first you spurn me for Eddie, then you 
                                                      			cast him off like an old overcoat for 
                                                      			Rocky.  You chew people up and then spit 
                                                      			them out - I loved you, do you hear me - 
                                                      			I LOVED YOU - And what did it get me - 
                                                      			I'll tell you - a big nothing.
                                                      			You're like a sponge.  You take, take, 
                                                      			take, take!  You drain others of their 
                                                      			love and emotions.  Well, I've had enough.  
                                                      			You've got to choose between me and Rocky - 
                                                      			so named because of the rocks in his head.
                                                      	FRANK throws a switch, she turns to stone.
                                                      			It's not easy having a good time.
                                                      	He crosses over to RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA
                                                      			Even smiling makes my face ache.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA nod sympathetically.
                                                      	He lies on the operating table.
                                                      	They massage.
                                                      			My children turn on me.  Rocky's behaving
                                                      			just as Eddie did.  Maybe I made a mistake
                                                      			in splitting his brain between the two of
                                                      				(massaging his temples)
                                                      			When will we return to Transylvania?
                                                      			I grow weary of this world.
                                                      			Magenta, I am indeed grateful to both
                                                      			you and your brother RIff Raff - you have
                                                      			both served me well - loyalty such as
                                                      			yours must be rewarded and you will
                                                      			discover when the mood takes me I can
                                                      			be quite generous.
                                                      	MAGENTA betrays her resentment by digging her fingernails into his neck.
                                                      			I ask for nothing, Master.
                                                      	FRANK leaps up from the table.
                                                      			And you shall receive it - in abundance.
                                                      				(he goes to the lift)
                                                      			Come.  We are ready for the floor show.
                                                      				(he slams the lift gate)
                                                      			Our guests will be growing restless.
                                                      	The lift moves downwards.
                                                      	Left alone in the laboratory MAGENTA and RIFF RAFF smile at each other.
                                                      	They make a special sign and leave by a secret passageway.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      148	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      			And so, by some extraordinary coincidence - 
                                                      			fate it seems had decided that Brad and 
                                                      			Janet should keep that appointment with 
                                                      			their friend Dr Everett Scott.  But it was 
                                                      			to be in a situation which none of them 
                                                      			could have possibly foreseen.  And just a 
                                                      			few hours after announcing their engagement, 
                                                      			Brad and Janet had both tasted forbidden 
                                                      			fruit.  This in itself was proof that their 
                                                      			host was a man of little morals - and some 
                                                      			persuasion.  What further indignities were 
                                                      			they to be subjected to?  And what of the 
                                                      			sonic transducer and floor show that had 
                                                      			been spoken of?  What indeed?  From what 
                                                      			had gone before, it was clear that this 
                                                      			was to be no picnic.
                                                      								WIPE TO
                                                      149	INT.	BALLROOM (including STAGE)	NIGHT
                                                      	MUSIC:	"THE FLOOR SHOW"
                                                      	We see the stage at the end of the ballroom with red velvet curtains.
                                                      150	BACKSTAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK is enjoying dressing the statues which are now on stage.  Each one
                                                      	is lovingly fitted with extravagant variations on the stocking and
                                                      	suspender belt variety of his own fantasies.
                                                      151	INT.	BALLROOM (INCLUDING STAGE)	NIGHT
                                                      	Footlights glowing on the curtains.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      152	INT.	BACKSTAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK pulls a switch and the curtains open.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      153	INT.	BALLROOM STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	Red velvet curtains open to reveal statues in front of silver drapes.
                                                      	The floor is covered with a light mist.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      154	INT.	BACKSTAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK beams and pulls lever.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      155	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	COLUMBIA's statue comes to life.
                                                      			It was great when it all began
                                                      			I was a regular Frank fan.
                                                      			But it was over when he had the plan
                                                      			To start working on a muscle-man.
                                                      			Now the only thing that gives me hope
                                                      			Is my love of a certain dope
                                                      			Rose tints my world keeps me
                                                      			Safe from my trouble and pain.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      156	INT.	BACKSTAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	FRANK switches.	ROCKY leaps to life.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      157	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      			I'm just seven hours old
                                                      			Truly beautiful to behold
                                                      			And somebody should be told
                                                      			My libido hasn't been controlled
                                                      			Now the only thing I've come to trust
                                                      			Is an orgasmic rush of lust
                                                      			Rose tints my world keeps me
                                                      			Safe from my trouble and pain.
                                                      	BRAD animated by FRANK
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      158	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      			It's beyond me
                                                      			Help me Mommy
                                                      			I'll be good you'll see
                                                      			Take this dream away
                                                      			What's this, let's see
                                                      			I feel sexy
                                                      			What's come over me
                                                      			Here it comes again.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      159	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	JANET animates.  She behaves like a sex goddess, completely out of
                                                      	control, as if performing in a burlesque show.
                                                      			I feel released
                                                      			Bad times deceased
                                                      			My confidence increased
                                                      			Reality is here
                                                      			The game has been disbanded
                                                      			My mind has been expanded
                                                      			It's a gas that Frankie's landed
                                                      			His lust is so sincere.
                                                      160	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	We PULL BACK on the whole stage.  The velvets open to reveal the 20th
                                                      	Century Fox logo as a stage set.
                                                      	At the top of the staircase FRANK appears bathed in light.
                                                      	He wears a dazzling version of the national costume and a chiffon cloak
                                                      	which billows in the breeze from a wind machine.  He is reminiscent of
                                                      	a 30's film star.
                                                      			What ever happened to Fay Wray
                                                      			That delicate satin-draped frame
                                                      			As it clung to her thigh
                                                      			How I started to cry
                                                      			For I wanted to be dressed just the same.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      161	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	The floor opens to reveal a swimming pool glistening with chlorine
                                                      	and glitter.  He beckons the GUESTS.
                                                      	In their drugged state they comply with his every wish.
                                                      			Give yourself over to absolutely pleasure
                                                      			Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
                                                      			Erotic nightmares
                                                      			Beyond any measure
                                                      			And sensual daydreams
                                                      			To treasure forever.
                                                      	FRANK enters the pool.
                                                      			Can't you just see it.
                                                      			Can't you just see it.
                                                      	They begin to immerse themselves in the pool.
                                                      161A			Don't dream it.  Be it.
                                                      			Don't dream it.  Be it.
                                                      	DR SCOTT animates belatedly.
                                                      	He observes the orgy occurring in the pool.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Ach, we've got to get out of this trap
                                                      			before this decadence saps our wills.
                                                      			I've got to be strong and try to hang
                                                      			on.  Or else my mind, may well snap.
                                                      	The wind machine blows the blanked from his lap and we see legs, 
                                                      	stockings and a suspender belt.  As in a miracle he can walk again.
                                                      					DR. SCOTT
                                                      			Und my life will be lived,
                                                      			For the thri-i-i-i-ill...
                                                      	BRAD surfaces, his face betraying consternation.
                                                      			It's beyond me
                                                      			Help me Mo-ommy.
                                                      	He is pulled back into the pool.
                                                      	A thrilled JANET now emerges.
                                                      			God bless Lilly Saint Cyr.
                                                      	FRANK breaks through the water on a lift from ROCKY.
                                                      	SONG:		FLOOR SHOW PT. 3 - WILD AND UNTAMED THING.
                                                      			My my my my
                                                      			I'm a wild and an untamed thing.
                                                      			I'm a bee with a deadly sting.
                                                      			Get a hit and your mind goes ping.
                                                      			Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing.
                                                      			So let the party and the sounds rock on.
                                                      			Gonna shake it till the life has gone.
                                                      			Rose tint my world
                                                      			Keep me safe from my trouble and pain.
                                                      	FRANK dives into the pool.
                                                      	During the chorus the whole group are diving in and out of the pool in
                                                      	a frenetic water ballet.
                                                      			I'm a wild and an untamed thing
                                                      			I'm a bee with a deadly sting.
                                                      			Get a hit and your mind goes ping
                                                      			Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing.
                                                      	They emerge from the pool and form a kick line.
                                                      			So let the part and the sounds rock on
                                                      			Gonna shake it till the life has gone.
                                                      			Rose tint my world
                                                      			Keep me safe from my trouble and pain.
                                                      162	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	The doors at the opposite end of the ballroom open.
                                                      	SONG:		"RIFF RAFF'S RECIT"
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA now dressed in military style space suits, face
                                                      	FRANK from the opposite end of the ballroom.
                                                      	They applaud slowly.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF has a ray gun.
                                                      	The characters on stage freeze - terrified.
                                                      	It's a showdown across the ballroom.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Frank N. Furter
                                                      			It's all over
                                                      			Your mission is a failure.
                                                      	FRANK looks stunned.
                                                      			Your life style's too extreme.
                                                      	FRANK is guilt-stricken.
                                                      			I'm your new Commander.
                                                      			You are now my prisoner.
                                                      	The GUESTS scramble for the safety of the wings.
                                                      			We return to Transylvania
                                                      				(he turns to Magenta)
                                                      			Prepare the transit beam.
                                                      	MAGENTA turns to leave.
                                                      			Wait!  I can explain.
                                                      163	INT.	STAGE	NIGHT
                                                      	SONG:		"I'M COMING HOME"
                                                      	FRANK moves slowly to centre stage.  During the song he adjusts 
                                                      	footlight controls to give him what effects he requires.
                                                      	The others help FRANK out by singing from the wings.  COLUMBIA operates
                                                      	a spotlight.
                                                      	BRAD closes silver curtains.
                                                      			On the day I went away.
                                                      			Was all I had to say
                                                      			Now I
                                                      			Want to come again and stay
                                                      			Oh my, my,
                                                      			Smile and that will mean I may
                                                      	He kicks on cloud projection.  Blue skies appear.
                                                      			I've seen blue skies
                                                      			Through the tears in my eyes
                                                      			And I realise
                                                      			I'm going home
                                                      			I'm going home
                                                      	FRANK falls on his knees.
                                                      			Everywhere it's been the same
                                                      			Like I'm outside in the rain
                                                      			Free to try and find a game
                                                      			Cards for sorrow,
                                                      			Cards for pain.
                                                      	DR SCOTT switches on wind machine.
                                                      			I've seen blue skies
                                                      			Through the tears in my eyes
                                                      			And I realise
                                                      			I'm going home
                                                      			I'm going home.
                                                      			I'm going home.
                                                      164	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	MAGENTA who during all this has been filing her nails, looks up at FRANK
                                                      	who is in an attitude of supplication.
                                                      			How sentimental.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF moves slowly to the stage.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			And also presumptuous of you.  You
                                                      			see when I said "we" were to return
                                                      			to Transylvania, I referred only to
                                                      			Magenta and myself.
                                                      	FRANK looks appalled.
                                                      	The GUESTS are deeply troubled, realising that they also are not part of
                                                      	the "We".
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			You see, you are to remain here,
                                                      			in spirit anyway.
                                                      	He produces a ray gun.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			Great Heavens, that's a laser.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Yes, Dr Scott.  A laser capable of
                                                      			emitting a beam of pure anti-matter.
                                                      			You mean you're going to kill him?
                                                      			What's his crime?
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			You saw what became of Eddie.
                                                      			Society must be protected.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Exactly, Dr Scott.  Now Frank N.
                                                      			Furter, your time has come.  Say
                                                      			goodbye to all this and hello to oblivion.
                                                      	FRANK raises himself to his full height.
                                                      			Do your worse - inferior one.
                                                      	As RIFF RAFF pulls the trigger, COLUMBIA dashes between them.
                                                      	She is killed instantly.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF fires again at FRANK.
                                                      	FRANK takes a leap fro the rope on the curtain.  The entire proscenium 
                                                      	crashes under the weight.  And FRANK is crushed to death among the
                                                      	velvet and glittered facia.
                                                      	ROCKY breaks down completely.  Although he despised FRANK, he was all he
                                                      	had in the world.
                                                      	He rushes to the body and cradles it in his arms.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF can stand no more.
                                                      	He fires a blast of laser beam at ROCKY who starts climbing the stairway
                                                      	towards the fox skyline.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF fires again and again.
                                                      	With the body of FRANK in his arms, ROCKY beats on his chest and lets
                                                      	out a wild sound like a giant beast of the jungle.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF fires a sustained beam.
                                                      	ROCKY climbs to the top of the Fox sculpture.
                                                      	RIFF RAFF fires again and again.
                                                      	They crash to their deaths.
                                                      			Good God.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			You've killed them.
                                                      	MAGENTA has found the entire sequence of events quite distasteful.
                                                      			I thought you liked them.  They liked you.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			They didn't like me.  They never liked me.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      				(he tries a calming hand)
                                                      			You did right.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			A decision had to be made.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      				(the big sell-out)
                                                      			You're OK by me.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Dr Scott I'm sorry about your nephew.
                                                      					DR SCOTT
                                                      			Yes, well perhaps it was for the best.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			You must leave now Dr Scott while it's
                                                      			still possible.  We are about to beam
                                                      			the entire house back to the planet of
                                                      			transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania.
                                                      			Go now.
                                                      	The GUESTS flee down the ballroom and out the door.
                                                      	We see the laughing figures of RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA making a special
                                                      	sign to each other.
                                                      								CUT TO
                                                      165	INT.	CASTLE CORRIDORS	NIGHT
                                                      	We see BRAD and JANET fleeing with DR SCOTT following behind.
                                                      165A	INT.	BALLROOM	NIGHT
                                                      	RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA's laughter has subsided.
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			Our noble mission is almost completed my
                                                      			most beautiful sister, soon we will return
                                                      			to the moon-drenched shores of our
                                                      			"androgenous" planet.
                                                      			Ah - sweet Transexual - land of night -
                                                      			to sing and dance once more to your dark
                                                      			refrains.  To take that step to the right...
                                                      					RIFF RAFF
                                                      			But it's the pelvic thrust
                                                      			that really drives you insane.
                                                      			And our World will do
                                                      			the Time Warp again.
                                                      165B	EXT.	CASTLE	DAWN
                                                      	There is a huge explosion.
                                                      166	EXT.	CASTLE	DAWN
                                                      	We see the entire castle surrounded by a giant beam of light and then
                                                      	vanish into space.
                                                      	During the explosion sequence the film reverts optically to black and
                                                      								DISSOLVE TO
                                                      167	EXT.	THE CRATER	DAY
                                                      	SONG:		"SUPER-HEROES"
                                                      	BRAD, JANET, and DR SCOTT's bodies are scattered on three sides
                                                      	surrounding a crater where the castle once was.
                                                      	The scene is arid and deserted.  There are remnants of DR SCOTT's
                                                      	wheelchair, EDDIE's coffin and broken objects from the laboratory.
                                                      	BRAD, tattered and bleeding, lifts himself up.
                                                      			I've done a lot
                                                      			God knows I've tried
                                                      			To find the truth I've even lied
                                                      			But all I know is down inside.
                                                      	DR SCOTT drags himself to his knees.
                                                      					BRAD & DR SCOTT
                                                      			I'm bleeding.
                                                      			And super heroes
                                                      			Come to feast
                                                      			To taste the flesh
                                                      			Not yet deceased
                                                      			And al I know
                                                      			Is still the beast
                                                      			Is feeding.
                                                      	The three of them stand shakily on the perimeter of the crater.
                                                      	All that is left is dust and sand and wind and the sun.
                                                      	The CAMERA PANS from face to face in a circular movement getting faster
                                                      	and faster as the trio sing a chorale of hopelessness.
                                                      								DISSOLVE TO
                                                      168	INT.	STUDY	NIGHT
                                                      	The CAMERA has spun into a blur but focusses on a spinning globe
                                                      	of the earth on the NARRATOR's desk.
                                                      	The NARRATOR puts his hand on the globe, stopping it.
                                                      	He is standing over his lectern reading from his book like a preacher
                                                      	in a pulpit.
                                                      			And crawling on the planet's face
                                                      			Some insects called the human race
                                                      			Lost in time, and lost in space
                                                      			And meaning.
                                                      	He turns and goes to the door of the study.
                                                      	He switches off the light.
                                                      					VOICES OFF
                                                      	He leaves the study, shutting the door.
                                                      	It's almost dark in the study.  Only a sinister glow inside the globe
                                                      	of the earth remains.
                                                      169	CREDIT SEQUENCE
                                                      	SONG:		"SCIENCE FICTION, DOUBLE-FEATURE"
                                                      	The cast credits roll up.
                                                      					VOICE OVER
                                                      			Science Fiction - double-feature
                                                      			Frank has built and lost his creature
                                                      			Darkness has conquered Brad and Janet
                                                      			The servants gone to a distant planet
                                                      			Oh - at the late night double-feature
                                                      			Picture Show - I want to go - Ohh -
                                                      			To the late night double-feature picture show.
                                                      					   THE END

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return