Les Miserables
Pictures of My Friends, Which I Found Online


Once Upon A Time
Les Miserables Pictures
Macbeth Meets Les Mis
On My Own
Little Shop of Horrors
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Script
Baldy the Cat
Black Buick
A Playground
World's Worst Valentine
Dead Monkies
Pictures of My Friends, Which I Found Online
Scary Things
1984 Song
Uniqueness Manifesto
Love Spells
Angels Annihilation
Bad Day For a Walk
Camp Fire Conffesion
Do I Have A Purpose?
Enough All Ready!
Freak-Out Station
Great Cookie Scramble
Hot Lips High Above The Swing
I Don't Eat Them!
Just Don't Brush Your Teeth!
Know Thy Nose and Toes
Look, It's a Damn Abomanation!
Marfas Attack

The pictures I mean. No, I don't have internet friends, I have real ones.... These are pics that aren't already on my site somewhere (So I will not double yours, P.P. *wink*)

I'll not put names with these, just because I'm lazy and because I dunno if the people will agree to it... although they agreed to have their pics on the net... Whatever  ;-)





Well, ^ that ^ picture certainly hates me. Oh well.




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