Kathy's Acting Resume
Les Miserables
Guys and Dolls
Skin Deep
The Hobbit / Bilbo's Lost Journal
Raw Hide
Pirates of the Caribbean
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Kathy Trithardt's Online Portfolio
Kathy's Acting Resume

Here is my acting resume, minus my personal information and the information of my references.




Works well with others





Rainbow Youth Theatre

Raw Hide - Tales from the Saddle (2004) - Calamity Jane, Marshall Miller
Into the Woods (2004) - Follow Spot
(2003) -Bagheera, Ballet Bird
Bilbos Lost Journal
(2003) -Spider
Little Shop of Horrors
(2002) -Follow Spot

Music Lost
(2002) -Back Stage Manager

Les Miserables (2002) -Whore #1
The Hobbit
(2002) -Spider
Skin Deep
(2001) -Spike

Sacred Muse Theatre Company
The Vagina Monologues (2003) -"My Vagina Was My Village"


Theatreworks Teacher - (Current)
Theatreworks Classes -(1998 - Present)

Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (1999) -Light Designer and Operator
Moon Shadows (1999) -Danorra
Youth Against Racism
The Fantasticos - No Strings Attached (2004) - Malfasia Black

Highland Secondary School Drama Dept.

Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone? (2005) - Girl
Louder, I Cant Hear You (2004) - Marge

Not My Cup of Tea (2004) - Mother

Path (2004) - Woman
Erolled in Vocal Jazz 12 (2003-2004)

Leader of the Pack (2003) - Alyson, Judy

Black Comedy (2003) - Clea
Guys and Dolls
(2003) - Hooker, Hotbox Dancer, Havana Seductress
(2002) - Stage Manager, Patron
Enrolled in Vocal Jazz 11 (2002-2003)
Us and Them
(2002) -B1
Attack of the Moral Fuzzies
(2002) -One of Four Masked Figures
The Importance of Being Earnest
(2001) -Maid
Aspen Park Middle School Drama Dept.

Help (2001) -Revivalist, Jones

The Fall of Solomon Slime (2001) -Child, Nurse
Robb Road Junior School Drama Dept.

Louder, I Cant Hear You! (2000) -Nurse, Lily
Wishful Thinking
(2000) -Ann
Back to Bach
(2000) -Companion
(1999) - Michelle
The Stuck Pot
(1999) -Julia

Kingston District & Elementary School

Waste Not, Want Not (K.I.D.S News)  (1998) -Director, Writer, Cinematographer

Broadway Academy of Performing Arts
Variety Show -Acting, Dancing, Singing (2001)
Dreamwind Theatre Company
Christmas With Scrooge (2000) - Sound Booth Operator

Gemini Dance Studios (2002-2003) -Second Year Jazz
Gemini Dance Studios
(2002) -Follow Spot
Gemini Dance Studios
(2001-2002)-First Year Jazz, Voice
Broadway Academy of Performing Arts -
(2000 - 2001)

Musical Theatre/Voice
Workshop Classes with Jeff Hyslop - (2003-2004)

Gemini Dance Studios (2002-2003) -Musical Theatre
Gemini Dance Studios (2001-2002) -Voice
Work Experience

Theatre Instructor, Theatreworks (Present)
McDonalds (Present)
Town Crier, Comox BIA (2003)

Show Night Assistant, Sid Williams Theatre (2002-2003)

Ushering, Door Opener, Concession, Ticket Sales, Greeter, Sid Williams Theatre (2001-2002)

Vanier Sports Centre, Music Operator (2001)

Set Construction (1999-2001)

Costume Sales (2000)

Babysitting (1998-2003)


Highest Level Completed Grade 12, Highland Secondary School (2004)

What Every Babysitter Should Know St. Johns Ambulance Course (2000)


Acting, singing, dancing, reading, writing, performing

Viewing performing arts

            Current plays in which I am engaged