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The Hobbit / Bilbo's Lost Journal

These pictures were two years in the making. During the summer of 2002, I played the Spider in "The Hobbit." In the summer of 2003, my role, due to its popularity with the crouds, returned in "Bilbo's Lost Journal" which was a continuation of "The Hobbit."


Both plays required me to wear a harness and be attacted to a flying line. In the first show, I dropped from the cat walk over the audience. In the second show, I flew around the stage, picking hobbits up and jumping after them. The second show required me to be preset before the curtains opened for the second act, so I had my own swing in the grid lights to sit on until my scene near the end of the show.


I had my own make up and hair person for this show because the combined time for all my make up and hair was about three hours - which was longer than the show its self!